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Lots to do, so little time!

Posted May 26 2010 12:00am
In the short span of three weeks I've moved from Fort Benning, GA where I was temporarily living while the husband attended RASP,  back home to DC to prime our stuff for our pending PCS and now, I am finally settled in Fort Bragg, NC!

I've been here for a total of 14 days and already we're pretty settled in our new house on post. I'd say we lucked out with a pretty easy transition since I know most military families tend to struggle with finding a place to live and then setting up their new domain. I grew up a military brat overseas and can remember the countless number of times we've had to stay in temporary lodging while waiting for a place to live and then taking forever to get our house set up. But I won't discredit just how busy the husband and I have been, since we've arrived the hubs and I haven't stopped moving! In 14 days we've (not in any particular order)
1. Moved in with nothing but a suitcase to survive on for a few days
2. Cleaned the whole house
3. Had the movers bring our stuff in and had TONS of unpacking to do
4.  Unpacked all of our boxes and furniture
5. Rearranged and put everything away. And I mean EVERYTHING. I'm OCD like that ;)
6. Shopped around for and finally purchased a new sofa set
7. Purchased more furniture from a post-wide yard sale and refurbished the items
8. Had our adorable baby registered with the vet here
9. Had our dog micro chipped
10. Restocked the pantry
11. Explored the whole post to prevent my directionally challenged self from getting lost while he's gone
12. Explored the Air Force base, see number 11.
13. Explored the downtown area just for fun
14. Made a few friends!
15.  Had cable, internet and phone installed
16. Cleaned the whole house AGAIN after having so many people coming in and out to set things up
17. Spent hours at the NC DMV to register our car here
18. Got our first official government decal for our car!

And most importantly,

19.  Throughout all of the stuff we've had to do to complete our PCS to Fort Bragg, we've spent tons of crucial husband and wife time together in preparation for his upcoming deployment. Granted it's a short deployment but with this lifestyle, you can't take anytime you have together for granted :) 

And because we all love pictures here are some pictures of what I've done so far!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Our living room, I still have a lot that I want to do with this!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The poem my sweet husband wrote about his proposal in Jamaica
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
One of the items I found and decided to refurbish
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The result!

More to come!
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