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Lots of pics and snacks! ^_^

Posted Apr 12 2009 12:36am
I just realized when I was importing pics from yesterday that I still have pics from Argentina that I haven't show you. Since my yesterday's eats wasn't so amazing, I guess I'll post them to make this post more visually enjoyable! ^_^
Before moving into that, a quick recap of yesterday. I worked all day long (>9hs) organizing a HUGE dataset.. which made my neck and back sound cranky when I stand up. Oh.. man.. this part of the research isn't fun! And that's the reason I wanted to do as much as I can to get over with it. Others thing that I did? the very needed 30 min nap because I was up at 4am all fresh and awaken. But the lack of sleep did make me snacky all morning!!~~ You'll see. Finally after a long day sitting and working, I craved a sweaty workout. So I went to the gym and run 4 miles and did 15 min of Elliptical for some magazine reading. That felt GOOD!!
Breakfast: no toast but oatmeal, and a pretty one! I cooked 1/3 c. of steel cuts, 2 tbsp wheat bran, 2 tbsp wheat berries, almond milk for 25 min and then blended 1/2 c. tofu with 1/2 c. blueberries. And a tbsp of PB. Look this beauty: It's stunning, isn't it? Unfortunately it didn't help to avoid massive snack later.
Snack 1: almond breeze with wheat berries Snack 2: Better Whey yogurt with Tj's fiber worms. Snack 3: instant McCann's oatmeal with PB. Obviously after all that I had a late lunch, around 2pm (I had my breakfast at 6am) and carb free. I found in the freeze a sauce that I made (1 month ago?) with meat, onions and green onions. I added some more homemade tomato sauce and white pepper, and a package of shirataki noodles. It was sooooo tasty!!!!!!! I enjoyed it so much despite all those snacks that I had.
Dessert: POM jelly. A few of you asked how I make it. It's extremely simple. I use a bottle of POM juice, add 3 cups more of water and 2 tbsp of agar powder. Boil for 2-3 min, pour into the container and refrigerate it for about 4 hours. I have no more POM juice, so I'm thinking what other flavor I can make. You'll see! ^_^
PM snack before hitting the gym: sliced apple + toast + PB. It seems that I can't live without toast now! ;)
Dinner: a massive salad with a new dressing that I made: 1 tbsp olive + 2 tbsp balsamic + 1 tbsp BBQ sauce. It was surprisingly good! And a gigantic steam corn. Dessert: Plain Oikos + blueberries + flax meal (inspired by Heather ).
Now, pics from Argentina. This is a lunch we had in the Hotel Four Seasons. Life is good in Argentina. I miss it!~

Question: When do you feel especially pretty? I definitely feel prettier when I am with my Star! I don't know, some people say that love makes us beautiful, I can certainly feel it, but why?

Today's plan:
- yoga (?) not sure, it's raining
- work
- movie (?)

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