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Lots and lots and LOTS of coffee

Posted May 29 2013 8:51am

I have 13 minutes to write and too many words to spill.

Be warned that I'm going to hit publish at the end of those minutes, even mid-sentence. I'm writing this for myself, because I need to.

Writing is just part of who I am. My mom taught night classes when I was 4 and 5 (and maybe older, too?). He taught me math using word problems because he knew I would be able to understand better that way.

I wanted to be a journalist.

I threw that dream away when it came time to decide my forever fate at the wise old age of 18. I didn't see how it would work, if I could really do it, if I would hate sitting in a cubicle.

Journalism might have been perfect for me, but I'm not here to talk about what maybe I should have done. That's done. I'm here to talk about now.

I'm thinking I might become a drinking coffee at 8 pm kind of girl. That's about when I crash (after work and playing with Nolan and doing house-y things and maybe making dinner. But there are THINGS I want to do. I haven't written in Social Eater for a long time, very much hear, and frankly, even though I still carry some fears, I want to get published. I want to get published several times, honestly.

My husband works two jobs right now- one full time and one part time. I work as many hours as I can get, and when we can get time with the whole fam, I want to soak it all up. I cherish my days off with Nolan, my time to catch up with friends, all of that.

I've been looking for ways to bring in more income. Maybe I'll end up working full time. Honestly, honestly, I think Nolan would miss me but he would also really love all that time with other kids. The kid just loves to be around other kids. He gets that now, but not as much as he would like.

If I'm going to be working that much, I'd prefer to be doing something I can get behind. Kimberton is that; I'm just not sure there's a place for me to climb up to just yet. I'm exploring my options and putting myself out there. I'm also thinking maybe it's time to make my decades-long dream come true. Maybe I'll work my little (big? depends on who you ask, I guess) tail off and get published, over and over until I get paid well for it. Maybe I'll stay up til midnight or wake up at 4 am to make it happen.

But I'm going to make it happen. With the help of coffee and my husband and Uncle Dave who have encouraged me to just try it already, maybe, just maybe I'm about to become an author.

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