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LOST = :)

Posted Feb 03 2010 3:37pm

Oh man… My legs are seriously feeling that 16 mile double yesterday!

Time: 1:32:07

Distance: 11.34 miles

Average Pace: 8:07 per mile

I felt like a turtle/slug/slow poke todaybut I am not going to worry about it one bit. I used to be the one that determined how good a run was based on how fast I ranbut I’ve come to realize that there is more to running than trying to run as fast as you can everyday. I think recovery is actually the key to becoming a better runner. If you don’t let your body adaptyour not going to get anywhere. And you are probably going to get hurt. No wonder I was so beat up running such low mileage! Who cares if I ran slowly today? I was running sub 6:00 miles yesterday on my repeats :)

I actually had a really enjoyable run once I got over the fact that I had a right to be slow. I ran at 5 PM yesterdayand then I ran again at 5 AM this morningwhich is only 12 hours in between runs. Ideal? Probably not. I did feel like a beast though. I may do another double tomorrow actually if my legs feel good ;) Running twice a day is actually better for my Tuesday/Thursday schedule because I have class at 8 AM and I can still get a significant amount of miles in. I’m not going to do this everydaybut I probably will once or twice a week. I like doing my harder workout in the morning and doing a shake out run later to loosen up my legs. What are your thoughts on running twice a day?

Who watched LOST last night? ME! One word. Amazing. I am glad season 6 is herebut I am also kind of sad because that means it is the last season :( What am I suppose to watch when LOST and Criminal Minds are over? Those are the only two shows I really watch. All of those shows like American IdolThe Biggest Loserect… don’t really interest me. They just seem so fake.

I also realized I haven’t posted a recipe in awhile! I made some pizza dough before I came to work todayso I plan on cooking up a special pie tonight :) Stay tuned!

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