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Lost Without LOST

Posted Sep 28 2008 12:00am
*note - contains spoilers. From...two seasons ago.

Every available season of LOST, in order, was at the top of my Blockbuster queue and as I would watch a DVD I would package it up in its pre-paid envelope and get it in the damn mailbox. Then I would ration my episodes (it's 4 per DVD) until the next disk arrived. On the weekends I would easily watch 8 hours of LOST at a time.

Last night I watched the season finale of Season 3. OMFG!!1! JACK! The drinking! And attempted suicide!! And wanting to go back to the island and all the flying! Meeting KATE!! AHHH And she says "He'll be wondering where I am" WHO?? Is it Sawyer?? WTF?!! And Charlie's DEAD! And did Locke stay or did he get rescued?? Do Desmond and Penney ever frickin find each other again? And where's Ben and OMFG Season 4 doesn't come out on DVD until Dec 9 and that is just CRUEL!!

Now there are a bunch of movies in my queue. Pfftt. Movies shmovies. I miss LOST.

P.S. So help me god if anyone comments with any spoilers from Season 4 I will scour your I.P. address, hunt you down, and go Sayeed on your ass.
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