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Losing Weight: Great For The Body, Bad For The Wallet

Posted May 10 2011 1:11pm

I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.” – Carrie Bradshaw


The downside of getting smaller?

Not too much.

Aww, poor lil chubby girl gonna complain about losing weight?

A little bit :)

Losing weight: great for the body, bad for the wallet.

When you’ve had just too many fitting room disasters , the moment a good one comes along, you start trying to rationalize all future purchases while you’re half-naked doing math in your head.

I have gone down a pant size and two dress sizes since I’ve started this journey and I can finally feel it. Not only has the weight stayed off, but my body has continued to reshape. Which is important for finding clothes that fit. I have always loved clothes, at any size. I would never spend the time to find the ones that accentuate my features, but mostly just to cover up the stuff I was embarrassed about. And now, I had a closet full of dumpy frumpy clothes (with a few exceptions). I was in the mood for shopping, and shopping I did.

Now, not to conflict with my other Dezolution of paying down that credit card, I only paid cash. I put all sorts of excuses in my head as to WHY I needed to go shopping. Maybe I would have an interview? I’m traveling more, I need new clothes. What about new Spring/ summer clothes? What about a fancy dinner? How about dressing up better for work? What if I go salsa dancing? What if my taekwondo club had a prom and I wasn’t prepared with a fabulous dress? What if my pants rip while I’m being chased by a dog?? What if there was a fire that was only contained in my closet and I lost all my clothes??

Clearly… I was stretching it.

But after years and years of fitting room meltdowns, it was about time I had some good ones. And I certainly did. I felt as if it wouldn’t last too long. But each item I put on, fit better than the last, and I could visualize myself wearing it at a specific time in the future. All of sudden, a couple of trips later, I open my wallet to find too many receipts of my recent shopping binges. Those little tiny pieces of regret. Not ‘in the poor house’ kind of shopping, but more like ‘Damn it, I could’ve used that towards my Visa bill. BAD Dezzy!’

I’ve always been a very tame shopper. Sporadic trips here and there, budgeted properly. These recent trips were certainly out of my norm. I didn’t buy shoes or accessories. Strictly clothes. In smaller sizes. Business suits, dresses, blouses, work attire. I look in my closet now, and I am so proud of my hard to work. Not just with diet and exercise, but my little victories in the fitting rooms.

But why the overwhelming sense of guilt? The amount of money wasn’t terrible, just out of my norm. Is this what happens to women who lose weight? Shopping binges? Will this happen with each milestone of weight loss?

Every fitting room visit in the last 3 weeks, has been a success. I’m not lacking ALL my willpower, I did actually put things back that I fell in love with.  :)

You never know what is happening behind the fitting room doors. Are they celebrating, or are they silently crying? Some, not so silent. How many times have they looked at their butt in the last 2 minutes, 100 times? What about their thighs? A million times?

It’s a whole other universe, this fitting room thing. Anxiety attack waiting to happen (for some).  Each hanger you pick up and drape over your arms its: ‘is THIS the last straw before I start crying in public again?’

Sometimes, its ok  to just enjoy the little surprise victories.

Like this little number (:

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