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Look What the Mailman Dragged In

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
Just a quickie to say thanks to all of you who chimed in on how you'd handle negative, or let's just say less than chipper-n-positive, comments on your bloggie which was my parting thought at the end of this post.

So I've been runnin' around like a madwoman today, but I was really happy when I realized the Ani Cookbook I ordered 10 days ago finally showed up.  I am still waiting on Sarma's latest bookWhat is up with some of these Amazon shipping fulfillment bookstores takin' nearly 2 weeks to send a book from CA to AZ?  Don't they know I need my book?  Now.

For those of you who have this book, do you have a fave recipe, or fourteen, that you love?  I am gonna rock out some desserts first.  Probably tomorrow.  I know you will love me for that cuz I will post up the yumm pics.

I think it rocks that Ani has not only her nose pierced, but also a Monroe.  I think I love her even more.  In case you haven't noticed, I do kinda love the life on the edgier side.  Friends with piercings would get to eat dessert first in my casa.  Kidding! 

But, I used to have my nose pierced in high school and college.  And about 10 other things have been pierced, too.  I still have a few choice holes, but once upon a time I used to be holier than a piece of Swiss Cheese.  Any guesses?  But tell me your piercing or tattoo stories too, por favor!

Oh and for the chicas like Deb, Ellie, Shannon Marie and everyone else who guessed on the secret ingredients in the blondie macks...

I haven't forgotten about ya, but I decided to keep it a trade secret.   I may just take Janetha up on her suggestion, and everyone else who keeps urging me to do this, but I may write a cookbook.   Miss Janetha, to answer your question, I do literally just create all my recipes outta my head. And since you all seem so happy with my recipes, I may just surprise you, and myself, and write a book.

I also recently ordered some PB2.   I figured I'd just order in bulk in case I liked it and that way I wouldn't have to pay for shipping again.  I got 3 original PB2's and 1 chocolate.  

I find it interesting that the Chocolate (shown on the right) is ever so slightly less caloric than the regular.  How could that be?  Who cares when the math works that way!  That never happens.

I also got a Synergy Coupon.   I confess, I've never had this stuff.  I know there are peeps who are die hards for these drinkeys so if you're one of 'em and you have a fave flave you wanna clue me into, holla so I can put my coupon to the best use!

And I have been in serious love with pineapple l ately.  Cut up a'nuther pina today.  So sweet.  Very not local, not seasonal, and could not find an organic one.  Oh well.  I've been groovin' on 'em anyway.

Do you have any foods you love, and you don't care if it's not local, seasonal, organic, or even healthy?  You're goin' for it no matter whaaaat.   Clue me in on what they are.  I love hearin' other people's fave go-to eats.

See ya in the a.m. with yoga, love, and maybe a surprise....

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