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Long Time Gone

Posted Jan 04 2013 2:17pm

Leopard print shoes in fall leaves

Hello. It’s been a while.

One year to be precise. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this creative process. I’ve missed the feedback. Most importantly, I’ve missed being present in my life.

This past year has been rough. Big life questioning kind of rough. And no I’m not talking about whether I should put yellow or periwinkle curtains up in my bathroom (in which case yellow would probably win out).

More like, “What kind of person do I want to be? What do I want to be doing with my life? What makes my heart sing? How can I truly live a fulfilling, authentic life?


The kinds of questions philosophers spend their entire life pondering over. And liberal arts undergrads spend their days rehashing after smoking pot.

Yes those questions. The kind that never really get answered.

Problem is I don’t like unanswered questions. I like questions that have a resolution, you know something that can be packaged up with neat little bow. For instance, “Lindsey what do you want for dinner tonight?” “Why I would like pizza and a salad please!” “Perfect, shall do!”

Not so much, “Lindsey when are you going to have a baby/buy a house/save up money/take a big trip/get your dream job?” “Ummm, don’t know. And I think I just threw up on your shoes. Sorry, big life questions make me a little queasy.”

I like things predictable and simple, not to mention planned and organized. I learned this year that life is not organized or planned. It’s actually quite messy. And that, my friends, makes me anxious and overwhelmed.

This is why I realize to need to blog again. I need to voice these feelings because lord knows I have to get them out somehow (God love my friends for listening to me A LOT this year). But I also need your help too because we’re all imperfect, messy, and looking for a little clarity – right?


So what’s the new-and-improved Morningstar Project all about?

Generally speaking there is going to be a lot of posts about finding balance — balancing work and life, love and friendship, self-indulgence and selflessness, passions and obligations. The goal is to have all aspects of you shine through and not just one facet of your personality.

There will also be a series of posts called Cheaper than Therapy. I’ll be providing you with some insight on your (or your family’s) neuroses without having to spend a dime. Think of it as therapy takeout, it’s not a 5-star restaurant, but it will get you wanting to come back and sit down for more.

And lastly because I’m a wannabe foodie and love taking photos of food, there will be Food for Thought posts that will highlight simple, delicious, and healthy recipes you can try any night of the week.

summer berry salad

In a nutshell, my goal is for you (and me) to think a little differently about ourselves after every post. Give you some insight, make you feel understood, and hopefully not feel so alone in whatever you are doing.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, here is a glimpse of upcoming posts:

Take the compliment, beautiful
Money talks, but should you listen?
Why loving what you do is harder than you think
The dark side of reaching your goals
Are you proud of me yet?
Thanks Mom and Dad for completely screwing me up

Cheers to new beginnings and fresh starts in 2013!

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