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Logging Calories the Easy Way -

Posted Mar 10 2010 8:16pm
Today I didn't get a chance to grab lunch until about 3 p.m. And a day like that means I also forget to keep track of my calories. So tonight before I made dinner I played catch up with a quick inventory of the day’s meals using one of my favorite free fitness Websites --CalorieCount (CC).

I discovered CC last summer and it has since become a ritual. I've never been very good about keeping food logs in some nice, neat little food journal. A food journal has to become part of your daily routine
to work and that was something I could never manage.

There is an element to CC, however, that has made logging what I eat easy. To start you enter your activity level and current stats and the site estimates how many calories you should be eating a day. Have a
specific weight loss goal? It will also calculate the daily calorie intake needed to reach your desired weight with an eye on losing no more than two pounds a week.

CC sports a large database of foods. If by chance you can't find a specific item, you can add it on your own. Eat a certain dish almost every day? Tag it and save yourself a few steps. You can also submit a favorite recipe and it will calculate its nutritional information for you.

Beyond recording what you eat the site also boosts a database of
activities that you can log. Thirty minutes on the elliptical and 20
minutes of circuit training? Bam! It gets added to your calorie
burning count for the day.

Want to find online weight loss friends? CC offers a diverse
community. There are blogs, advice columns, forums and message boards
devoted to any weight loss issue or concern you can think of with
members discussing what works for them.

CC is definitely worth checking out. Did I mention it was free?
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