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loco for locavores.

Posted Jan 31 2010 7:23am

I am a compulsive labeler.  I like everything in my life to fit in perfectly defined boxes.   Lady.  Lawyer.  Fur Mommy. Runner. Yogi.  Triathlete.  Snuggler.  ACC fan. Crazy Person.

And then there is my food philosophy.  A philosophy that I’ve been heartily struggling to define perfectly and absolutely. (For nowlet’s not delve into the fact that maybe I should just loosen up a bit and forgo forcing absolute labels on everything in my life.  I both know and comprehend that philosophy.  I just choose not to apply it for my own anxiety placation.)

In the past ten yearsI’ve gone from vegetarianto pescatarianto veganback to pescatarianto hot dog eater…and nowfinallyback to vegetarian (save the fish that I already have in my freezer and am too poor/cheap to not eat).

Vegetarian is a nice easy label.  I can fit that label.

Butthe label I’d love to be able to add is “locavore.”  My work buddies think I made that word up.  I didn’t.  In factit was Oxford American Dictionary’s word of the year in 2007 (maybe if it’s that awesome of a wordI should take credit for itactually.)  As stated by the OAD:

The “locavore” movement encourages consumers to buy from farmers’ markets or even to grow or pick their own foodarguing that freshlocal products are more nutritious and taste better. Locavores also shun supermarket offerings as an environmentally friendly measuresince shipping food over long distances often requires more fuel for transportation.

SoI trywith all my little heartto eat local food.  The CSA helps.  Reducing the amount of processed food I eat helps (becauseheaven knows that NONE of that shizz is prepared in or near AugustaGA).  ButI still allow for some non-local food in.  There are somethings that I can’t give up.  Greek yogurt for example.  And I don’t have a yogurt maker yet (thoughthere are rumors that my parents still might have the one they used decades and decades ago…)

The EPA says that the largest radius you can use as your “local” radius is 400mi before the environmental impact of transporting the food really ratchets up.  Most ideal locavores use a 100mile radius.  That’s a little too restrictive for someone living in the middle of nowhere GA.  The only thing within 100mi of me is…nothing.  I’m going to try to allow a 200mi radius (mostly so that I can get in the local tofu produced in ATL).

Anyway.  YesterdayI tried to see if I could eat all locally.  I did pretty ok.  I gotta eat up all my non-local stuffanyway.

Bfast: Local Eggs ($5/dozen! holy expensive)1/4 N.FL Avocadonon local TJ’s corn tortillaand non local TJ’s salsa

Lunch didn’t really much happen (because I was napping…oops): buthad a GA Sweet Potato for a snack.

I crinkle cut them with the crinkle cut knife that I got for Christmas.  Want to know a sign that you spend to much time in jail for your job?  When I saw the burned little crinkle linesthe first thing I thought was ohha! Looks like a jail cell…

Dins: NC Brussels…Roasted SC tomatoes with homegrown basil.  On top of a bed of local CSA spinach and Augusta madehand wrappedbuffalo mozzarella.

It was a delish and environmentally sound meal.  Eating local can be a bit expensive ($5 for a dozen eggs ?!?!?)butI’m hoping that it’s environmentally worth it.  And there is definitely something to be said for supporting local farmers and stimulating the local economy.

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