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Locked out

Posted Feb 03 2010 10:41pm

Today I got locked out.  Nonot out of my house.  Out of my NEW LAPTOP.  But more on that in a second.

Breakfast was a bagel with cream cheeseand some dried apricots.


Lunch:  Leftover beef stroganoff.  Not gonna lieit was my dinner today too (as you will soon see.)


Afternoon snacks included a deep chocolate vitatop (best flavor!!!)


And that was a GOOD one.  Check out all the chocolate chips on that motha!

A clif zbars’mores flavor:


S comes home from workand I decide to work on my new laptop.  I have slowly been transitioning from the old one for work to the new one – I had to migrate all my dataset up the new oneetc.  The next thing I had to do was create a hard drive password (it is required by my company.)  Basicallywhen you set this passwordas soon as you turn on the computer it asks you for the password before it will boot up or do anything.  So… I go into BIOS to set the password.  S was sitting right next to me watching as I did it.  I had to type in the new passwordand then type it in a second time to confirm it (as is always the case when you are creating a new password).  I did thatit was fine.  Then I restarted the computer and it asked me for the password to start it up.  I typed it in and… it doesn’t work!  I tried every possible typo combination just in case I made a mistake typing it in to BIOS (TWICE!!!) and it will not let me in my freaking computer.  It is faulty somehowit didn’t save my password as I entered it.  So I can’t boot up my new computer!  I spent the morning on the phone first with my company help deskthen they transferred me to desk side supportand then finally hardware support.  And the bottom line isif you forget (or can’t get in with) your hard drive passwordbasically you are screwed.  There is no way to hack in or get around it.  You can’t do ANYTHING on the computerperiod.  So they have to send me a new hard drive for my brand new computer.  And I have to reinstall windows and everythingand then take it in to desk side support to have all my information migrated from my old laptop onto the new hard drive.  AAARRRRGGGGHHH!!

After all that aggravationI didn’t eat dinner until really late and was glad I *still* had leftover beef stroganoff to heat up.  I had a Hawaiian sweet roll on the side – LOVE those.


After dinner I had two Pim’s cookies.  I had never heard of these beforebut S was telling me that Pim’s were one of his favorites in Switzerland.  I happened to see them when I was at Tarjay cruising the cookie aisle (yeahyou know… some people cruise bars or pubs… I go for the cookie aisle) and so I picked them up for him.


They are eh – ok.  The chocolate part is goodbut the part underneath is cakeynot crunchyand I didn’t like it that much.  PlusI got orange filling ones (that was all they had) and I’m not a huge fan of orange-flavored stuff.  I would like to try the raspberry flavor – they sound much better to me.  Don’t get me wrongthoughthese were definitely edible and I managed to force down both ;)

Before I went to bedI had a plate of dried fruit.  Golden raisinsdatesprunes and apricots.


This was a good evening snack.  Not candy or some kind of really unhealthy dessert… but dried fruit. 

I bought some treats online today… dried kiwidried goji berriesdried strawberries and some chestnuts!  I can’t wait for my goodies to come!!!

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