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Living for Today!

Posted Oct 08 2012 7:53am
I read this article from a popular weight loss web site and I thought I would share a portion of the artical right here on my blog. I think it would be a good way to start the week off......looking at today and our future
We often look back at things that have happened in our lives with a little more nostalgia than they may deserve. Think about how many times you've said to yourself, "Boy, I'd sure love to be back there again."
But part of creating a successful future for yourself comes from looking to the present and toward the future, too. Here and now is where you are, and as much as you might think you'd like to at times, you aren't going back.

So enjoy the things and places that you're encountering now!
This philosophy can also be directly applied to your weight loss program. You can think about the past with regret, as in, "Boy, I sure wish I was as thin now as I was back then," or, "I wish I'd been more careful about what I was eating all those years ago."

Or, you can live for today—and do something about it.
Forget about the past. It's just that—the past. Concentrate on the future and what you need to do to make it really count for something.

The past can't be rediscovered, it's over, and history has already been written.
But the future—that's an entirely different story!

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