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Live Music

Posted Mar 11 2013 5:00am

There’s something about music.  I’ve said that many times before.  But as much as there’s something about music, there’s also something about live music.


I don’t get out often enough to go see live music.  This really needs to change.


It doesn’t happen because I don’t want to.  Trust me, I want to.

It doesn’t happen because of a lack of shows to see.  There’s plenty, I assure you.


I’m not exactly sure why I deprive myself of live music so often.  Because I also assure you, this is a form of deprivation.  I’m depriving my soul of what it truly needs to thrive.


Saturday night I made my way into Chicago to catch my friend Nick’s band, Paige & The Reverent Few play at the Elbow Room.  I had never heard the band before but Nick is a friend from college and knowing he’s an awesome musician, I knew the show wouldn’t disappoint.  And it didn’t.

Disclaimer: I took this picture from Facebook & cropped it - thank you to the original source.

Disclaimer: I took this picture from Facebook & cropped it – thank you to the original source.

Aside from Nick, I didn’t know anyone but he introduced me to a few of his friends and I had a great time hanging out and moving along as they rocked.


But I have to admit, I have a hard time turning off the “business” sometimes when I hear music.  I’m still so used to using my critical ear to give feedback, praise, suggestions, whatever it may be that at times, that’s where my heads at.  I’ll be having a great time but I may look more serious because my brain is going a mile a minute.  Regardless, it was a great night.

Music Monday Speaking of great music, I have another new current music obsession.  Have you heard of Atlas Genius?  This is one of those how have you never told me?! bands.  I heard “Trojans” for the first time a couple weeks ago and instantly loved it.



Since then, I’ve been rocking out to the whole When It Was Now album by this awesome Aussie band.  Seriously, check it out.

tumblr_mevnfhNl9H1ql9ct0o1_1280 I can imagine they could put on a pretty good live show.  I’ll have to see if they’re making their way to the US and Chicago anytime soon for another weekend of live music!


Linking up to Katie’s MIMM because live music is seriously marvelous. ;)

How was your weekend?

Do anything awesome?

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