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Little Helper

Posted Nov 19 2012 11:02pm

Oh hey.

How’s everyone doing?

I can not believe it’s already Thanksgiving this week! This officially starts my favorite time of the year. I love the holidays.

I love doing copious amounts of baking .

IMG_9755 copy

and spending time with family.

Every year we do a Pollyanna with Michael’s family for Hanukah. This year I asked my siblings if they wanted to do one as well for Christmas. I love the idea because it makes the focus less on gifts and more about being together. Everyone can save some dough and some stress. I LOVE buying presents for everyone and filling up my tree, but this year we all have little ones to spoil. And with all the holiday parties and the cooking/baking everything adds up! Secret Santa is always fun and everyone jumped at the idea!

I use Elfster . It’s such a fun site!


You sign up for an account and invite everyone who will be participating in the exchange an invitation. Once they accept you can place draw restrictions on each person. Meaning, I can not get Michael and my brother can not get his fiancé, etc, etc. You can also set it up the following year so that you do not repeat the same draw.


(the name of our exchange is an inside joke. Just ask my brother who was talking about his Fooney next time you see him.)

Once everyone accepts and you set your restrictions and the dollar limit you draw names. Elfster will email each person their draw, so it all remains secret! You can always undo the draw later if you need to!

We love it! I’ve been using it for years now! Participants can log on and make their wish list or add their Amazon wish lists. You can  send messages to the person who drew you (anonymously, you won’t know who it’s going to). It’s great! We drew early this year, we usually wait until Thanksgiving! Everyone wants to shop early—plus, it’s so much fun finding out who you get!

This Christmakuh should be so much fun. Ella is way more mobile this year. I am just super worried about my poor tree this year! Between her and Munchkin, I am not so sure it will be standing by Xmas. Any tips from moms for keeping crazy toddlers from destroying your Xmas tree?

I was looking back on last year and can not believe how much my little girl has grown.

From this:



To this:

Chattering, walking, running and wanting to help me do everything. She’s a hoot.


We got her a mini broom but she still wants to use Mommy’s busted one.


But she’s always good at “sharing” it with me.


And this hair.

It wouldn’t grow. Now it’s just crazy.


Except during a bath. This is the only time it’s “tame.”


My little girlfriend. I just adore her to pieces.


I can’t believe she’s almost 19 months old!

Here’s some facts about E-Weez:

  • She doesn’t stop talking. We have no idea what she’s saying, and if you ask her to repeat herself she will repeat the same babble. It’s amazing. I am trying to be patient and not compare her to other kids as far as having X amount of “words.” She’s super smart and knows what everything is and communicates with us. I just am longing for her to say “mommy!” I know Munchkin thinks she will say his name fist though.
  • She loves Mardi Gras beads. The more the better. She walks around layering them around her neck all day.
  • If she could eat Brad’s Raw crackers for breakfast lunch and dinner every day she would. Cheddar is her flavor of the week. Kale will always win her heart though.
  • She’s obsessed…obsessed…obsessed with stuffed animals or “babies” as we call them. She will bring them to Michael after he gets home from work and pile literally 25-30 on top of him until he is completely covered. Then she wants to be picked up and sit amongst her babies to play imagination with them. It’s so freaking cute.
  • She has major stranger danger. She either gets scared or is very shy. However when she warms up to you (only if “her people” are there) it’s all over. She will chat you up and hand you babies all day.
  • She’s the funniest human being we have ever known. As Michael says—“not the funniest baby, but the funniest person I have ever known.”
  • She has a thing for toes. I don’t know where she gets it but seriously, this child would eat with her feet if she could. If you follow me on instagram you should know what I’m talking about.
  • Big bird comes everywhere with us. And the wooden decorative monkeys from my mother in laws house.
  • Her and Munchkin are buds. She thinks he’s hilarious but thinks it’s even more hilarious when we yell at him. Not that we yell at him often, and not that yelling at him even does something but he’s on this kick now where he jumps on counters and knocks stuff over all of the time. The cat still gets a shit ton of attention from all of us—he just likes being mischievous on top of it all. So I guess she could be laughing at the yelling, or what Munchi is doing. The worst is when they conspire together. Which is often. They are both too cute to ever be mad at though. Especially when they are together.

I have a ton more but my brain is fried and I have some reading to do with what’s left of it.

I hope to put out a kick ass workout to burn off the bird the end of the week! I need to test it out tomorrow. My shoulder has been acting up a lot. I am still doing tons of yoga, but have been trying to also get in some HIIT workouts along with my endurance cardio. My body has been rebelling against me lately—I’m pushing through though. More on that later. If you haven’t noticed I have been not prioritizing blogging/social media at all lately. I may be missing out? I don’t think so though. I am all about being present these days. Lots of changes have been happening in my life!

Off topic…this is what happens when you buy 19 dollar jeans I guess? Ruined. I wore them once, washed them inside out with clear, no chemical laundry soap and this if what happened to the outside of them!


Any ideas?


Aaaaand what’s your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

I am pretty sure I know what I am going to make but still love hearing ideas. Specifically sweet potatoes. I am working on a “candied yam” without all the sugar. And my famous pumpkin cheesecake with a pecan crust. I just can’t find my recipe! So funny because I posted it on my blog a few years ago but withheld the recipe from you all. What a bitch. Now I am mad I did that. It took me a while to get that cake right too!



6 more days to win a quart of coconut oil !

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