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Lists and Arms Exercise: Action!

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:05am
More and more lately I have found myself becoming restless and a touch stir-crazy. During these summer months in between the school year, I really lack a proper routine. Working part-time has the benefit of leaving plenty of time for me to play, read and write, see friends, experiment with cooking, and explore my fitness limits. But without any real routine, it is harder to keep myself accountable and keep on top of all of these things. It is too easy to wake up in the morning, stumble out of bed and munch on whatever food I can find before wandering between a book and my laptop, trying to decide what I should do with my day. There's lots of things that I need to do, and should do, but "there's always later".

Today Cammy wrote a really great post at The Tippy Toe Diet about not only making a list of things to do (I adore making lists), but also tacking on beside each item just how long it will take to accomplish each of them. For example, today, part of my list might look something like this:

- Walk to travel agency for ISIC and walk back home: 50-60 minutes
- Make whole wheat buns for lunches: 20 minutes for total prep work
- Tidy/vacuum room and organize my crazily disordered and teetering bookshelf: 15 minutes

Looking at that now, its not that difficult to accomplish those things. I can easily do all of that this afternoon and still have some time to relax and read in addition to doing some abs work (crunches have been falling by the wayside of late and I gotta get back on that). In fact, lets add that to the list right now:

- Read "The Watchmen" (I know, a graphic novel? But I've never read one before, and I figure I've got to try everything once): while the buns are rising/baking
- Abs exercises: 10 minutes

This is shaping up to be a pretty good day!

Everything Arms

It seems as though most of us bloggers have an obsession with toning up our arms. Hence the pull up craze and push up challenge. How are you all doing for the push up challenge, anyway? Feeling stronger? I know that I am! The first time I tried to do Week Six I collapsed halfway through (literally. I would have laughed at the time but I was so out of breath that all I could do was lie unmoving on my floor, trying to will that glass of water to come to me), so I am doing Week Five again. But I've only got a couple weeks left before I leave for my travels, so I really need to buckle down and work my little butt off to complete this challenge! I don't really fancy belting out 100+ push ups on the floor of some youth hostel with everyone else in the room watching me in amusement as my face gets redder and redder until I finally collapse in a rubbery-armed heap on the ground. And I can only imagine the consequences if I tried to attempt these same push ups in a train... although that would be a good way to work on improving my balance...

And whatever happened to the pull ups, you ask? Pull ups seem to be a lot more difficult than push ups, which is why, I think, they have become neglected by just about everyone. I know that I stopped attempting them a few weeks ago. But, yesterday I happened upon a playground and couldn't resist giving it another shot. Well, I guess all of these push ups are really paying off, because wouldn't you know it but I easily did 3 pull ups in a row, with as much nonchalance as my sister did the first time I ever tried to impress her with my spectacular failure of a pull up! It made me ecstatic beyond belief to realize how much stronger I'm getting with every passing day.
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