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Listening To Your Body

Posted Sep 27 2012 7:04pm

On Monday when I set off for my 3 mile run my legs felt like they were filled with cement and I felt like the tin man-so stiff!  I realized at that point that I had not taken a day off from working out in a week and that I have been putting in some high running miles as well as working long hours.

I was exhausted!

So this week I decided to take it easy.  I really think listening to your body is essential in overall good health.  Some of us are better than others about listening though.  I used to not listen and inherently would wear myself out and get sick quite often.

Thankfully with age has come some wisdom!  When I start feeling like I did on Monday I tone it way down.  I eat really clean food, I sleep and rest a lot more, and I work out but do so easily. I also hang out in my wonder unders alot :)

This week:

Monday- 3 mile run


Wednesday-3 miles

Thursday-4 miles

Friday-4 miles

Saturday-long run and breakfast out!

Sunday-not sure yet.

I believe for me continuing exercise but not to excess  is good.

Speaking of clean eats-Bill has been surprising me with some great vegan meals!

And just to show you we are getting into the fall spirit around here………..

What about you?

Do you listen to your body when it is talking to you?

Are you excited for fall?

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