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Listening to my Readers

Posted May 27 2011 5:13pm

I’ll start by saying Thank You. Two little words that don’t adequately express how I felt reading every single one of your comments on yesterday’s post . Honestly they brought me to tears.

Clearly I, no We are not alone in feeling like a confused, bumbling messes at times. In fact, turns out people prefer hearing from others who don’t have it all together. Whether we are a blogger, a wife, a mother, or just someone trying to navigate our way through this world, we all seem to question the weight of our voice.

How do others perceive me and what I’m saying?

Am I saying what I want to say or holding back?

Is anyone even listening?

Yes. People are listening. We just have to communicate our messages to the ones who are ready to hear it.

Want to know a secret?

Before I wrote yesterday’s post I was reading an article by Jeff Goins “ 10 Steps to Finding your Inner Voice .” In it he lists 10 exercises you can do to help you find your “voice”. And this does not just apply to writers. I think this can be used for anyone trying to deliver a messages either through written language, public speaking, or through their artwork.

One of the exercises is “Imagine your ideal reader. Describe him/her in detail. Then, write to them, and only them.” Word for word this is what I wrote:

My ideal reader is a woman who strives for something more. She wants a life filled with passion, creativity, and good conversations. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but dares to delve into deeper topics. She’s a realist who isn’t afraid to daydream. She notices the little things in life without forgetting the big picture. She embodies the good life everyone else is just searching for.

After I wrote those words down it was as if I conquered my ideal reader up. Every one of your comments proved to me that yes in fact every one of you are those things. You are smart, creative, passionate, and yearning for the good life. Those words are now hanging above my desk as both a reminder and inspiration to keep living that life.

I highly suggest reading Jeff’s article and trying some of the exercises he suggests. While your there you might as well browse around because literally I can spend all day reading his posts – really good stuff.

Without further ado I’ll leave you with some Shots of Happiness for this Memorial Day weekend! Hope you all have a fabulous long, relaxing couple of days filled with lots of friends, food, drinks, and merriment…and maybe some hump day cookies too!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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