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Liquid Vitamin Supplements...A Magic Elixir?

Posted Apr 05 2012 4:01am

In today's health and wellness industry numerous pharmaceutical companies make outlandish promises that liquid vitamin supplements will do amazing things for your body. But, is this really the case when non productive ingredients are contained in these liquid vitamin supplements.

Warning! Please don't fall prey to all the hoopla, and false promises running around out there, it's sad commentary that many times vital nutrients are lost in the making of these supplements, liquid or pill form.

The Good News

There are a few liquid vitamin supplements on the market that actually have reliable and proven contents, that make the body and mind feel stronger than you could ever imagine. When searching for additional enhancers in providing the body an abundance of vitamins and nutrients to have the body feeling fit as a fiddle, liquid vitamin supplements may be the golden ticket!

But here's the do you make the right sensible decision when choosing one? To be frank with you, the best way to receive optimum nutritional benefits for the body and get the best bang for your buck is to make sure the ingredients contained in liquid vitamin supplements are from a 100% natural food source. This is key!

The Breakdown

So why are vitamins that contain whole foods in them important? Simply stated, whole food vitamins derives from raw materials (plants) that embeds hundreds of co-factors the body needs to absorb nutrients and vegetables from food.

You see, the body is an amazing living breathing organism. At a seconds notice it will readily recognize, receive, absorb, and digest vital ingredients to function effectively. Liquid vitamin supplements are an excellent choice, due to the identification by the human body once consumed, and the nutrients held within are digested naturally and smoothly. The high content of healthy vitamins and nutrients are a major plus, and when consumed liquid vitamin supplements go straight to the bloodstream which absorbs at a higher rate. Once this phase is established a healthy and energized body is the result!

Speaking of absorption, not every vitamin and nutrient the body receives is absorbed by the body. When it comes to taking liquid supplements bio availability is an overlooked factor. As essential vitamins are digested by the body, bio availability is the proportion of nutrients or ingredients that is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract for use or storage in the body. When vitamins pass through the intestinal wall, the ingredients enter the bloodstream and find targeted organs to work effectively.

Please keep in mind that actual delivery of nutrients from the stomach to the intestine is a major point to shed light on, due to the fact that stomach acid may damage or destroy certain nutrients. But, scientific research has shown that vitamins (whole food) and minerals are not affected by stomach acids! So, when implementing liquid vitamin supplements into a balanced diet high absorption rates occur, and have shown to retain an astonishing 98% absorption rate when introduced to the body. Hence, the body receives numerous vital nutrients and vitamins instantly!

So, do liquid vitamins supplements work like magic? To be brutally honest with you nothing works like magic, but implementing safe liquid vitamin supplements contained with proven whole food vitamins and balanced diet can display effective results for the body.

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