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Liquid Manna Questions on Health by increasing levels of Oxygen

Posted Jan 24 2012 11:48pm 1 Comment

We try to keep our health concerned members up to date with the natural products we carry at the Reiki Ranch alternative products web site. This afternoon I spent almost an hour on the phone with a Member who had ordered the Liquid Manna for the first time. She had lots of questions and I had the time to spend with her. It was interesting because I had not really focused on the Liquid Manna lately and as I talked, I got all excited about this extraordinary product all over again.  


A lot of our conversation centered on the incredible ability of the Liquid Manna to radiate oxygen out to anything in its proximity.


The inventor: Fred says the oxygen in Liquid Manna just wants to travel and permeate everything around it. (However, the supply of oxygen available to radiate is never depleted and just keeps flowing and flowing.) Being in oxygen in very healthy.


That characteristic is what accounts for the benefit of putting an unopened bottle of Royal Liquid Manna in your bath to flood your whole body with oxygen. And also my husband and I sleep with a warn bottle of the Royal Liquid Manna water. That also accounts for the power and efficacy of the Royal Liquid Manna + 25% Pads and Eye Masks and for the benefit of strapping a Manna Wand onto the water pipe coming into your home. Since every product and every living thing is benefited by oxygen, we take advantage of the "traveling" Liquid Manna concept and put bottles of the Royal among all of our products inventoried in our shipping department.   


We have 4 bottles of the Royal Liquic Manna hanging on strings in the spring water so that every drop of water we draw at the Reiki Ranch sistern is charged with supplemental oxygen . . . whether we are sprinkling the lawn, watering the organic gardens, showering, cooking, drinking . . . whatever.  Our Cleansing Tea and even coffee is made with Liquid Manna water.  


Oxygen is the key to life itself . . . shame on me for neglecting to mention it more often. Dr. Otto Warburg in the early 1900's won two Nobel Prizes for demonstrating that pathogens cannot thrive or even survive in an oxygen-rich environment. There is no better way to keep your body rich in oxygen than Liquid Manna, unless you want to haul an oxygen tank around with you all of the time.  


Another Member emailed us this week asking for more information about the levels of oxygen in Liquid Manna and how it is measured. In my response to him, I gave my best understandings regarding the oxygen levels. When I shared my response with the developer, Fred Neal, he greatly expanded on my knowledge.


Q: If Liquid Manna contains 35,000,000 units of oxygen per 500 ml / 16 oz. bottle, how does that translate to ppm once you've added it to a liter of water? Have any tests been conducted if this is energetics at work or is it an oxygen benefit?

A: I will try to answer your questions as best I can, considering that some of Fred's processes are proprietary, and I do not have knowledge of details.

Fred's technology for infusing oxygen into water at extraordinary levels is unprecedented, so there was no existing technology to measure those high oxygen levels. Thus, Fred developed his own testing technology which is proprietary also. Using that testing technology, normal tap water will test at about 1,000 units of oxygen (his arbitrary units.) The Mountain Valley Spring water that Fred uses to make Liquid Manna reads at about 3,600. I believe the Regular Liquid Manna on that same scale reads 350,000,000 units of oxygen. Fred will not tell me what the reading is for the Royal, but he has hinted that it is perhaps ten times higher. There are some versions of the Liquid Manna that are much, much higher, and we are using that water in special applications like Fuel Saver Tubes for 18-wheel trucks where drivers are experiencing 20%+ improvement in mileage.

Although the process of infusing the oxygen into the unopened bottles of water that comes from Mountain Valley Spring in Arkansas is energetic in nature (I have no details of the process.) the oxygen in the water manifests exactly like real, physical oxygen. So people experience elevated levels of oxygen in their blood, farm-raised fish get adequate oxygen from the Liquid Manna and people have been able to use Royal Liquid Manna instead of a hyperbaric chamber, etc.

"I know that at least one university in Pennsylvania is testing on Fred's water and is astounded with the levels of oxygen they are reading. At some point Fred will get a report from that university, but I am not sure if he will share it with me," states David

A: Thomas is wanting to know parts per million  which is standard in the water testing industry. However, we deal with energy levels rather than PPM so it gets confusing to folks. So we say that the average man on the street has an energy level of 450-600 on our scale and would have an oxygen energy level of maybe 1,000 and a good water would have an energy level of 1,400 or 1,600.

From that we say our technology has an energy unit of oxygen so we could keep everything on the same scale; we measure all our technology in oxygen units (energy levels). Since the body only responds to energy levels, be they negative (drugs, chemicals, etc.) or positive (oxygen, etc.), we keep everything on that scale.

Our water in an average testing lab will look like any other water so to speak because they use PPM, pH, TDS, to make measurements.  However they find that our water is well over 100% saturation and they have not seen that nor can they explain it because they don't view things in energy levels, so the two languages don't translate on a 1:1. They measure high levels of oxygen, but their equipment will only go to a certain level. Our oxygen is well above what they are capable of testing for.

Regular Liquid Manna has 500 million oxygen units and we don't advertise the Royal or the added stuff you use in fuels. Hope this helps. Fred Neal


I have to admit that some of Fred's answer is over my head, but then I am a whole lot more interested in the plethora of benefits our Members experience than I am in the science behind it. RESULTS are what really count for me and the science is just brain candy. 


This is sort of like the light switch . . . we don't need to know the physics of electricity to bring light into the room. Just flip the switch and "let there be light."


Thanks, David and Fred for your expert comments in this blog!



Taylore Vance

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