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Liquid Calcium Supplements – Top Reasons Why They Are A Better Choice

Posted Sep 05 2010 11:59pm

Calcium is vital for varied body functions like heart beat regulation, conduction of nerve impulses, blood clotting, stimulation of hormonal secretions and to build as well as maintain best possible bone health.

Specialists recommend an adult should ideally get around one thousand or 1200 milligrams calcium daily intake. Though foods are the ideal calcium source yet typical American diet followers are not able to obtain adequate calcium.

CalciumFor those preferring intake of calcium supplements in pill forms calcium carbonate has the peak calcium percentage and generally costing lesser.

What You Should be Looking for in a Calcium Supplement

Innately calcium is present in merger with compounds. Many calcium compounds are employed in supplements like calcium phosphate, calcium citrate and calcium carbonate. Such compounds have varied levels of elemental calcium – the precise quantity of calcium present in the supplement.

Prior to deciding from a baffling array of calcium supplements in the market, ensure asking oneself the following queries:

  • How ably your body is capable of tolerating this form of supplement? Is it causing any types of side-effects (like gassiness or feeling constipated)? In case so then one might decide switching to another brand.
  • Can this supplement type be conveniently taken or be remembered to be taken on a daily basis?
  • Are the associated costs incurred on procuring this supplement within your means and budget?
  • Is the calcium supplement easily obtainable or bought at close-by stores?
Other Facets to be Watchful About

Liquid calcium supplements are a better option to the ones that need to be swallowed for the following reasons.

  • Liquid/chewable calcium supplements are readily broken once inside the stomach and reaching varied organs and not causing niggling digestive problems. Also capsular form of calcium supplements is inapt for vegetarian populaces and can develop a gluey mass in the abdomen.
  • Liquid calcium supplements are ideal for children and older aged individuals who might have problems in ingestion of tablets. Also they have no side-effects hence safe for all inclusive of those having dairy allergy.
  • Liquid calcium supplements are the resolution to maintaining healthy teeth, bones and nails.
  • Liquefied calcium is ideal for allaying agonizing bone and joint problems and help in balancing optimal levels of bone minerals.

  • These are ideal for females suffering from premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Many females in their forties have calcium deficiency in their body and their bodies are often not able to properly digest all food forms. There is also an elevated risk of developing colon cancer among this group due to which physicians advice them on taking calcium supplements every day.
  • Liquid Calcium MagnesiumAs there is ready absorption of liquid calcium supplements by the body hence they could help in healing colon cancer in its nascent staging and maintain its optimal health and functioning.
  • Coupling liquid calcium supplements with Vitamin D, Omega-3, Glucosamine and magnesium could proffer myriad health benefits. These supplements have inflammation combating and antioxidant features and ideal for individuals having bone and joint conditions. They could also avert conditions like Parkinson’s disease, colon cancer, bone thinning, Alzheimer’s disease from occurring.
Important Note

To be on the safer side, consumers must always select products bearing the (United States Pharmacopeia) USP seal that ascertains that they have undergone testing for strength and purity. The solubility of one’s supplements could be checked by placing it inside a small container filled with vinegar to be set aside for thirty minutes and stirred at regular intervals. In case it fails in dissolving, its absorption in the stomach would also not be happening as favourably as expected.

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