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Lifting Weights Will Help You Lose Weight Fast

Posted Feb 11 2009 2:58pm

Question: Okay I am 6 foot 5 inches and 265 pounds I have been working out for four months and went from 285 to 265 and mainly focus on upper body. I put 180 lbs on my bench in that short time. All with weights, no cardio, like 50 sets in 40 minutes I’ve been in bulking cycle the whole time. My question is; can I really get the results I want? (i.e. cut up for summer from just weights?) What do you suggest?

- The Evil One

Answer: Although you have given me good information, you haven’t given me enough information to help you lose 30 lbs in 30 days. So I will take my liberties and answer to the best that my crystal ball will allow me. Is it possible to cut up for the summer without cardio? The answer to that is, yes, but it depends on what type of training you are doing. Is it High Intensity Training? High Intensity Interval Training? or power lifting, bodybuilding (one body part per day)? or Full Body Workouts?

If you are pursuing the power lifting and bodybuilding formats, you will need to perform some type of “cardio” workout to lose weight fast, preferably at the end of your workout and no more than 20 minutes worth. The High Intensity Workouts and full body workouts will need very little cardio if any. The very nature of Interval Training is to burn fat for weight loss in the most efficient way possible. Doing full body workout with interval style training interspersed would be one of the better ways to “cut up” for the summer. So you can see that the more information you give me the better I can answer your question. Reality dictates that the more muscle you have on your body the more fat you will burn.

This is the way that the body wants to be. You would be better off gaining as much muscle as you could to increase the potential for Fast Weight Loss when you need it. When done correctly in the proper balance a heavily muscled body can will lose more fat in a shorter amount of time without crazy dieting starvation.

Include in your workout as many compound movements as you can. This will increase the participation of your stabilizer muscles and will increase your strength. The best compound movements for muscle mass are squats, bench press and bent over rows. All three of these movements include multiple muscle groups to get the job done. Increased strength provides the opportunity to push more weight whereby you will add more muscle to your body.

These aren’t hard concepts to grasp. I know that when you incorporate these strength training tips into your program you will see the desired results you are looking for which is a leaner, harder body.

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