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Life without Benefits

Posted Jul 14 2013 9:04am
In my last post I shared about my discovery of being uninsured and how much my medicine for Epilepsy costs me per month. Having been denied for assistance program I am now left figuring out where I can cut expenses to get me through. I despise looking at my budget daily but now that I have a second part time job working from home, it should help once it kicks in, but until then I have to make some decisions. Life is grand is it not?

In reflection of my life, watching the news, frustrated with Washington idiots and realizing I am lucky to be alive, able to work with a disability which does affect my employment from time to time, can drive as long as no seizure activity is going on and taking my medicine, roof over my head and my son's, food, a running car, etc.

I have been diligent in following God's word, praying, watching my finances and also need to have more faith and trust that he will provide but sometimes it is just overwhelming. Maybe I should stop looking at my budget everyday; however being the responsible person all I hear in my head is work, pay bills, pay taxes and keep everything afloat.

I am now a person without any benefits, meaning that like some who have employment carry with them benefits such as:

  • Vacation
  • Sick Days
  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401K
  • Holidays
These are just the basics. I currently work part-time as an independent contractor with no benefits, so if I miss a day to illness, I don't get paid, holidays are a bear as I don't get paid for those either and I do not have employer sponsored health care either. Now I do have a good job and have been there 2 years now considering I took this job to avoid going homeless which I was one week away from doing. This job has been flexible with my health whereas in other companies I was let go (fired) due to missing work in regards to my illness. It is a constant battle, however I am managing.

In today's economy I do not know what the stats are for people employed who actually have benefits and who do not.

I so much wish to have these benefits and actually because of my son I had medicaid (CareSoure) but then Ohio changed how adults and children within the same family are eligible and so I lost again.

Can you imagine not getting health care, dental care, vision care? If I go to the free clinic that is sitting there for a few hours which I can not afford to lose from work. I could go to the emergency room, fill out a financial aid form with the hope it would be written off, but if not submitted correctly by the healthcare system it gets reported on your credit report and that takes time to get it corrected.

I am so disappointed as I am a divorced, single parent and need to be able to take care of myself so I can take care of providing for my son and I. Yes I do get child support which helps towards current expenses not the additional and unexpected expenses. So I pray daily that I will stay healthy enough as I do not have no health, dental or vision care.

It saddens me that a person like me who lives as healthy as she can, works and pays taxes is ineligible for health insurance while others who abuse the system, don't work, don't pay taxes, do drugs, etc get all the benefits they need apparently. We really have a screwed up system!

Our system definitely needs fixed with guidelines regarding eligibility, there has to be a way to make it work so all are entitled to healthcare. Right now as it stands I don't even qualify for an individual policy as the loophole is I have to seizure free for 3 years...oops! Even if I could get a policy where is the additional funds going to come from? 

This is my life without benefits and the constant worry about getting sick, missing work, holidays around the corner, etc, paying bills and the additional bills I now have, working 2 part time jobs is enough to drive one out of their mind with worry and just feeling overwhelmed and stressed daily and trying to have as much faith and trust in God that he will provide. It is challenging and I keep praying for God's help and peace in my soul.

So to those of you in similar circumstances, I pray for you also and please don't feel like you are alone even though you do most of the time. To those of you who are fortunate to have those benefits, thank God everyday you are blessed as you would not want to live the life I and others like me have through no fault of their own, life just happened and the economy is not the same anymore.

Blessings always,

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