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Life Well Lived List: Vol. 8

Posted Aug 31 2011 3:05pm
So, I’m back, I suppose, from my blogging hiatus, which means that even though this will be my 3rd blog this week, it’s Life Well Lived Wednesday, dangit, and I’m going to blog about it!


(I may try to figure out some kind of bi-weekly blogging schedule, so I don’t get burned out so quickly, but let’s just wait and see, shall we?)


In the mean time, it’s time to celebrate our FREAKING AWESOME lives!


Before I do my list, volume 8, I want to give a quick shout out to some of the girls who’ve been LWL-ing, while I was on bloggy hiatus:


Mandy ! She’s pretty much the LWL cheerleader of the universe… here are some of her recent list additions .
Jordan ! Jordan is so awesome, I LOVE her. She’s got a few new installments too .
Rachel ! So sweet, so lovely! Please check out her recent additions !!
Lindsay ! Probably my biggest current blog crush… She’s been adventuring this summer !!


Thank you, ladies, for your participation… ESPECIALLY while I was otherwise occupied. :)


If you’ve been writing your own LWL lists, well, let me know! Geesh!
If you write it out all pretty, I’ll even feature it here. Just email me. kelsey @ kelseytoney dot com. :)



Without further adieu, my own LWL list, Volume 8!


I’ve won a CAR!


When I was in my… errrrr, second year of teaching, a very sweet student wrote an essay to the local TV station that was organizing a giveaway of 12 cars to area teachers. It was pirate dress up day – AKA, best day of the year, and I was fully decked out.
At some point, my principal called and said he needed to speak to me, brought me down stairs, and SURPRISE, here’s a CAR!!


It was distinctly awesome.


It was a 2007 PT cruiser. Not too many people can say they’ve won a car. Not too shabby.




I’ve been SNUBA-ing


Daron and I went to Mexico a few years back, and we got to SNUBA! Snuba is Snorkeling+Scuba, which basically means that instead of strapping the airtank to your back, they set it on a raft, and run a really long tube down to you under the water. It actually seems a little ghetto when I say it like that, but it was honestly really cool. I got to experience the best parts of scuba without getting certified. It was really, exceptionally cool, and I highly recommend it. :)



I’ve won a medal at a 5k


Okay, that might be a bit misleading… I didn’t win the medal because I was fast, I won a medal cause it was halloween, and I had the most awesome costume! (Robin Hood)… Actually, to be fair, I didn’t win first, I won second place because a BABY was dressed as a dragon. I mean, who could compete with a dragon baby?



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