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Life in Costa Rica (Part One: Farm Life & First Impressions)

Posted Nov 22 2012 11:19am


Impressive right? That’s about all the Spanish I have mastered so far, lol.

So how bout a little update from my side of the pond? I arrived in Costa Rica, the “Rich Coast” 2 weeks ago today. By now I have settled in quite comfortably and feel pretty at home. (It’s true; home is where the heart is. I have felt ‘at home’ at almost all places I have traveled so far).

La Joya del Sol  (jewel of the sun) is simply breathtaking. The property is huge, with several waterfalls and looking out over the mountains and rain forest (by the by, the highest mountain and biggest waterfall of all of central america are right around the corner, pretty neat).

Against all my initial apprehension, I totally love sleeping in a tent, and could easily do this for the 5 months I’ll be here (and I will). I feel really aligned with nature being here and it makes it so much easier living the kind of lifestyle I want to; more natural and basic. I only pee outside. I go to bed around 8 and wake up around 5, which feels very healing. We pick a lot of our own fresh greens and fruits, and I have learned how to tell whether or not a plant is edible. The place is full with edible flowers (did you know flowers have the highest vibration of all plants?). I do Yoga outside on a deck overlooking the valley and every Wednesday one of the neighbors ( yoga teacher from NYC) gives a free 2.5 hour Yoga class. <3

I absolutely love the sounds of animals and waterfalls that are around 24/7. And the sound of heavy rainfall on my tent at night. I have seen the most amazing night sky filled with countless stars last weekend. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

Frog the size of my head

The other interns and guests I have met here so far are really cool. Two already left, and my friend David from Hawaii was also here to visit me the first week. Now only me and a woman and her 14 year old daughter are left (together with Eric, who runs the farm). The mom and daughter have been eating raw for 5 year and they don’t live anywhere, they travel all over the world and find places to live and work from. The daughter has never been to school a day in her life (unschooling) yet she is smarter and more mature than any teenager (or adult for that matter) I have ever met. Very inspiring indeed.

My new digs!

I have been reading a ton of books (conscious eating, anastasia, the prompting, angels & demons, the transformational powers of fasting) and we watch some documentaries all together (like ‘The Venus Project’ and ‘Spirit Science’). It feels really amazing to be in such a small space and group with like attuned people. People who share my passion for raw foods, continuous learning and development, travel, nature, spiritual growth and natural living. It feels like a very special time.

Diamante Falls, the biggest waterfall in all of central america, is right around the corner!

One of my favorite spots; hammock on the porch overlooking the farm valley <3

There are about 1000 fruit and vegetable trees and bushes. We have wild and cultivated cacao growing which we pick, ferment, dry and shell ourselves, before we turn it into chocolate (the best ever ;)  for sure).


There is a big farmers market every Thursday where a lot of hippies like to meet. Last week I met a group of cool Isrealis who organize (dun dun dun) sweat lodges and Ayahuasca retreats! They invited me to come to their private circle last Saturday which of course I happily accepted.  Here’s an excerpt from my journal from this past weekend:

Waking up at 5 to the sound of rain on my tent. Walking up to the communal space seeing toucans and eating sweet pink flowers. Shaking the lemon tree for a fresh lemon. Bliss!

I’ve started fasting 3 days ago and I can already feel the good it is doing me. I wake up earlier and more energized. I feel happier. I can feel my heart opening up. I have the focus to work 12 hours straight in a day, 3 days in a row. Which aligned perfectly with the weather not being so great the last 3 days and my desire to finish my book. Which I now have, and I couldn’t be happier.

I am using a lot less ‘stuff’ here. No salt, no superfoods. No shower gel, no soap for the dishes. It feels amazing and I definitely want to continue this wherever I am.

Last Saturday I went to ecoloco for a sweat lodge ceremony. The sweat lodge was really good for me, certainly in combination with the peyote! The peyote was very mild, nothing like I would have expected. The first hour or so was a struggle. Not the heat though. We had to sit in the mud, it had been pouring down with rain. Sitting in the mud made me feel very uncomfortable. I was afraid to move and couldn’t get comfortable. I was envious of V,E & E (the ceremony leaders) who all seemed very comfortable in the mud. I was frustrated with myself.

After some time though I could feel myself loosening up, as I started to connect with he heat, the songs, the ceremony. In the end I was very comfortable in the mud, enjoying getting dirty, and bummed when it was time to get out. As it turned out, stepping out of the sweat lodge in to the fresh dark night was magical. I walked around naked in the fresh air and sat and did Yoga by the fire. The song ‘earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, and fire my spirit’ made more sense than ever and kept repeating in my mind. I was covered in mud (earth), I could hear the streaming water as I sat by the fire, in the open, fresh air. When I looked up, I saw the most amazing sky full of stars I’d ever seen. I looked around me to check if anyone else was just as awe-struck as I was. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

These Israeli hippies fascinate me. Their outlook and life, the way they live. I feel I could learn a lot from them. V lives with his ex wife, and their 3 kids, and his girlfriend and their baby. I noticed no jealousy or complication, beautiful. These people understand; you don’t own a person, not even when in a relationship. When a relationship ends, no need to hate each others gut, be jealous or vengeful. Instead, be happy when the other person finds a new partner. There was so much love all around. They have guests over pretty much all the time. They sit and sing and chant and play instruments. They bless their food together, holding hands, before sitting down to communal meals.

I plan on staying with them for some weeks in Februari which I am already looking forward to! “

Of course living like this isn’t all rainbows and cupcakes. Little bugs are eating away at my feet and ankles and due to my helping (scratching) I am covered with bumps and blood (not very sexy and it hurts and annoys the living shit out me. Sometimes). Living in such close proximity with people you’ve just met can also be quite challenging. Most of your time is spend with others (which is new to me and something I know is not my strong suit) and you have to consider the group with just about everything you do. Last week some members of the community (which was bigger at that time) were fighting and arguing constantly, quite aggressively at one point, which made me realize how sensitive I have become to this. I would literally stop breathing when this happened and I felt personally violated, and wasn’t able to keep the energy out of my own system. Until one day I was fed up, stood up, and told them to act like adults and treat each other with respect. And if that wasn’t an option, to at least take their name calling and passive aggressive behavior far away from me. Alas, this worked. Lesson learned; standing up for yourself and calling people out on their behavior is the best you can do.

Pura Vida!

Who has been to Costa Rica before? Anything you would recommend? In a few weeks I am headed to the infamous pachamama which I am really looking forward to, and in February/March I am going to Envision festival!

Stay tuned por favor, tomorrow I release my eBook Raw Beauty – Ditch the make up and reveal your natural glow, with a nice introductory (24hr) discount and a give-away!


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