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Life Balance with Yoga: 4 Weeks of Free Online Yoga Classes

Posted Sep 10 2012 10:04pm

Posted in | September 7, 2012 |


By Anastasiya Goers

What is the hardest thing about working out?

Getting started, definitely.

And things get only more difficult if you decide to work out from home.

I am not a big fan of gyms and prefer quiet workouts in my home or at a Pilates studio where I work. With a busy work schedule, a family to take care of and just little errands and chores that always pop up, working out at home is my only way of staying in shape.

If you are like me and you are trying to squeeze in a workout in an already full lifestyle then you probably prefer to work out at home too.

One obstacle that I sometimes face is the “brain freeze” when I just have no desire to think of exercises that I want to do today. I want to have a good workout but I want somebody to teach me. (And even though I’ve been teaching fitness and Pilates for about a decade I still enjoy taking classes that I don’t have to think about.)

About a week ago I had a day like that. It was Sunday, I was resting all day but felt that my body needed a workout. Running didn’t sound like a good idea (it was pretty hot outside) and I was not in the mood for Insanity (the torture mood usually doesn’t come on Sundays, LOL.) I was so relaxed that I simply didn’t want to think about guiding myself through a Pilates workout (call me lazy here, I confess.)

Thankfully, I just got a subscription for my friend’s brand new online video yoga website EkhartYoga . It took me a couple of minutes to browse through their huge library and pick out just the right workout for me. In 30 minutes I was feeling refreshed and even more rested than before the workout.

If you don’t know, September is the official National Yoga Month, which culminates on the last day of the month with the Time for Yoga Global Community Practice.

My friend’s website, brings you a month of free online yoga instruction to new and experienced yoga practitioners in preparation for this unprecedented worldwide event.

EkhartYoga is posting three classes a week during the month of September, with each week focusing on a different theme.

Here are a few words about the Yoga Month from Esther Ekhart, the creator of

In Week 1, we will be looking at standing postures and how they promote strength and stability on the mat, and how these can flow over into life off the mat.

Week 2 is devoted to twist poses, which help restore the spine’s natural range of motion and cultivate healthy organs by stimulating circulation and digestion. For these classes, be ready to digest, cleanse and renew on various levels, both physical and psychological.

In Week 3, we will work on hips and hamstrings. Stretching these areas helps to keep the lower back healthy. And, since the hips are thought to be the storehouse of our emotions, working on them can make one feel lighter. Forward bending quiets the mind and calms the body.

In the final Week 4, we will focus on heart-opening postures. The idea will be to open our hearts so that we may better enjoy the connection of practicing yoga as a global group during the Time for Yoga on September 30 (at 7 p.m. your local time).

The final class in week 4 will be your 90-minute Time for Yoga class.

Enjoy a short preview of the Standing Poses class.

I’ll be taking advantage of this event and enjoying great Yoga practice with Esther ( click here to join .) I think it’s a great way to bring a little more balance into our everyday life. One breath at a time.

Keep it balanced.

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