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Life and One Lovely Blog Award

Posted Aug 22 2012 2:57pm
Oh haiiiii strangers!

Long time no see, again! I really have no other excuses other than I’m just too lazy to blog recently. I’ve had a couple of sweet messages asking if I’m okay and things and honestly, life is pretty amazing at the moment. Okay, so nothing spectacular is making it so amazing but life is just free and good. I am just happy pretty much all the time for no particular reason! I just do what I want, when I please with no one bothering me and no thoughts bothering me and nothing whatsoever bothering me weeee! Okay so I do have a question of one and a half sketchbooks to fill before the start of September but meh I feel so carefree I just. don’t care! Um, okay maybe a little bit. But other than sketchey sketching..

And working my way through snacks (including a box of Barney almond butter which I managed to get my hands on…umm the best almond butter I’ve ever tried)..

Life has been filled with sleeping until lunchtime (I know…still not quite worked my way out of lazy mode yet), going on a few random dates (life is definitely changing recently…) and only really going to the gym a few times a week now and when I do it’s only half an hour cardio followed by half an hour weights (see what I mean?). I just feel pretty much chilled about everything and really quite happy. I’m pretty much eating the most I ever have done in my life, even on non-gym days I eat the same as gym days, I just eat what I want, when I want..sometimes even when I’m not hungry but I just want that chocolate that’s looking at me…and yet my weight has maintained since January which I’m pretty chuffed with! Just goes to show that all that over-thinking was a total waste of time and in fact my body is pretty smart and knows what it’s doing ;) Definitely leaves tonnes of space for thinking about things that actually matter in life….like friends and family..okay and maybe sleep too ;)

Last week I was kindly nominated by the beautiful Christina (who’s birthday it is on Sunday so everyone wish her a big happy birthday okay?!) for a Lovely Blog Award which was really sweet of her!

As part of the award I have to list seven things about myself sooo here we go:

1. Back at high school I was a language geek. It was what I was best at and I won the ‘Young Linguist’ prize for a couple of years. My fave was definitely German but I also learnt French, Latin and a little bit of Russian. I don’t know why I ended up doing a Fashion course really as I only did Art AS level for one year…I didn’t even do GCSE Art never mind an Art foundation like most of the other students on my course! Just goes to show you can do anything you want really ;)

2. Despite living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, I don’t have a Geordie accent and I don’t even have a Sheffield one from where I come from. A lot of people recently have been commenting that my accent is just a neutral ‘well spoken’ one which is fine by me. At least it means I’m understood by most people :)

3. At the start of September I am going on holiday to Monaco with my family and staying in a hotel that can cater for vegan, gluten free and even raw diets - so exciteddd!!

4. I absolutely love big cats; lions, cheetahs, tigers, pandas…you name it, I love them. I’m actually thinking of maybe going out to volunteer at a sanctuary sometime this year whilst I’m on a placement year out but we’ll see! Definitely one day though!

5. I’m currently learning to drive a car again after I was almost ready to do my test back when I was 17 but had to go into hospital and just never got back into the swing of it as I didn’t really need to. I’m currently thinking of a black Fiat 500 or the new Audi A1 for my first car. I absolutely love driving and am a little speed demon the roads which is getting me into trouble whilst I am learning. When I was a teen I went through a phase (I had a few!) of wanting to be a girl racer when I grew up…that would definitely be an exciting fun job!

6. Most of the time I don’t see myself going into fashion as a career. I don’t know what I want to do otherwise but it is not my passion although shopping for clothes is.

7. Favorite foods of the moment; roasted chickpeas (always and forever..), broccoli, Clearspot tofu sea cakes, Love Grown Foods Granola, almond butter, cashews, dark chocolate, frozen strawberries, Raw Lisa Tomato breadsticks and corn thins.


And I would nominate another fifteen bloggers but I shall just leave it up to you as to whether you want to say 7 things about yourself.


In the meantime, I shall be back shortly with what I recently received in my vegan food swap which I was totally thrilled with this month!

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