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Life After Fast Food

Posted Jul 11 2012 4:23pm
After eating out so often lately, I feel like I've had to detox my body a little bit today to get things back on track. For the past several days, I've been eating out at restaurants, eating fast food, and not drinking nearly enough water.

My first priority today was hydration. I filled my 1L water bottle with lime water to sip on throughout the day. I cut up half a lime to throw in the bottle and squished them a bit with the straw to unleash more flavour.

I finished one bottle and I'm now currently on my second. I feel like proper hydration after several days of high sodium meals is key to cleaning out your body and preparing it for new healthy foods.

I played around with Zeke before taking him out for a 35-minute walk in the sunshine!

When I got back home, I made myself three fresh rolls for lunch. Since I slept in and had breakfast later than usual, I didn't need to make a very big lunch to make me feel satisfied.

I filld my rice paper wraps with cucumber, carrots, and imitation crab meat for protein.

I also dipped them in some Sweet Thai Chili sauce, which gave these little rolls a much needed kick of flavour. Yum!

I headed out to the barn again just after noon to go on a hack with my horse Ginny and a few other instructors. It was pretty buggy back in the woods, so we only stayed out for about 30 minutes. Nonetheless, it was fun and Ginny loved being the leader for over half the ride!

When I got home, I was feeling hungry again. I grabbed the last of a bag of fresh cherries to polish off.

I also had a thick slice of light mozzarella cheese to eat with the cherries. Oh, how I love cheese!

I'm trying to think of dinner ideas for tonight, but I haven't a clue! Any ideas?

Question: What are you eating for dinner tonight? Any suggestions on what I should have for dinner?
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