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Liebster Blog Award

Posted Feb 03 2013 6:37am
First of all, a big thanks to Medha Kapoor, author of The Girl Who Looked For Rainbows ( ), nominating me for Liebster Blog Award. "Liebster" is German for "favourite". Nominating me for this award means that my blog is one of Medha's favourite. I really appreciate the gesture, Medha.

Now what is this Liebster Blog Award?
Though the origin of this award is unclear, however, this award is given to upcoming bloggers, with less than 200 followers, who have shown some promise and hope to keep visitors engrossed in interesting posts in future. It is an show of appreciation by fellow bloggers. In other words, I scratch your back and you scratch mine or someone else's back. It's a scratch nevertheless. In turn the nominees have to do the following:-
1. Write 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer 11 questions thrown by the nominator.
3. Throw 11 questions to the next 11 nominees.

Let's get the above done. 11 random things about myself.

1. I hate crowded places. Lonely mountain top or a secluded beach is for me.
2. Smallest fingers of my legs or small toe are too small. Looks kind of funny on size 10 feet.
3. I am a very early riser and love it. I start falling all over the place after 11 at night. My wife hates me for this.
4. I love reading ranging from murder mysteries, thrillers, biographies, self help and fitness. Though I am bored to death reading philosophical books.
5. I love Budweiser. It's truly the king of beers.
6. Ideal vacation for me? Scuba diving in Andamans or Goa. Though I had this type vacation thrice in last 5 years but don't seem to have enough of it.
7. I am an tea addict.
8. I hate when people burp in public especially the smelly ones which smells like smelly farts. I can still tolerate the noisy ones. Bdw I also love to burp but in private. It's such a nice feeling.
9. Fitness freak.
10. I love going for long drives with my wife, kid and dog.
11. I used to do pencil sketching. Last time I did it when I was in Siachen. I do it only when I have got nothing else to do.

11 questions by Medha.

1. What's your favourite colour?
Answer. Blue. Since a small kid, we had been taught that boys wear blue and girls, pink. I guess I am still stuck with that.

2. What's your favourite cuisine?
Answer. Except South Indian food, I can manage anything. No offence to the down south people.It's just a personal choice.

3. What are you most afraid of?
Answer. Confined spaces. I love freedom of anything.

4. How religious/spiritual are you?
Answer. I am an atheist. I don't agree to idol worshiping and man made concepts of castes. They are all just a waste of time for me. I believe in myself.

5. Are you a feminist?
Answer. I am. I despise men who take women for granted. My marriage has been a great instrument in understanding the power of women.

6. What are your views on same sex marriage?
Answer. It's a free world and we are not slaves. Do whatever which makes you happy, except being violent and a threat to society. Same sex marriage is a personal choice and people are old enough to decide for themselves. Even the law is with them now. Yeah, it's okay to do it.

7. What is your favourite odor?
Answer. Hmm, there are many. I guess the best would be the odor of rain soaked earth. Nothing can beat that.

8. What music do you listen to when you are alone?
Answer. I used to be a rock and heavy metal fan back in NDA days. But nowadays it's just popular bollywood music. Not a big music fan.

9. What do you like to do on your birthday?
Answer. Well, I scuba dived in Havlock with sharks on my last birthday . It was awesome. I guess I would like to something adventurous or exciting on my birthdays.

10. What is your favourite genre when it comes to reading?
Answer. I like thrillers and murder mysteries. Last two novels I read were Bankster by Ravi Subramanium and Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston.

11.  What is favourite genre when it comes to blogging?
Answer. Health and fitness.

Whew! the questions sure did take a lot of time to answer. Now, the 11 nominees for the Liebster Blog Award are -

Subhorup Dasgupta
Medha Kapoor
Ghazala Hossain
Anupam Patra
Sabyasachi Patra
Akanksha Dureja
Renu Sethi

And now the questions to them.

1. What's your favourite book?
2. Who's your favourite author?
3. Which is your most embarrassing moment?
4. Any peculiar habit?
5. Are you a morning or late night person?
6. Dream vocation?
7. Which's your favourite movie?
8. What's your writing inspiration?
9. Do you exercise?
10. Hiking or long drive?
11. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

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