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Let me hear you grunt!

Posted Oct 27 2012 6:23pm
This is something I say regularly to my female clients when they are struggling with a heavier weight; but alas, they just won’t do it. I just can’t seem to get the message across that it really does help!

So many women are just too shy and inhibited when they are weight training; come on ladies this is not the hair salon, it’s a gym! We’re throwing big things around and this is not the time to be shy.

 I gotta say, I can’t imagine a good heavy weight session without grunting! It’s energising and a release at the same time.  And it’s , well, primal.  Frankly, that’s what you need when lifting weights, that inner cave-woman is just begging to be let out! So come on, bring out the animal inside of you and give a good grunt-you will not regret it; it feels awesome!
Ciao for now!
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