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Let love flow: You don’t have to struggle!

Posted Oct 09 2013 9:48am

There is still this limiting belief that many of us hold onto – that we have to struggle in order to become our true self and live out our purpose. But it’s just not true. If we have a strong spiritual practice and look at our life as our spiritual practice, then we have faith. And when we have faith, we have complete trust in the Universe having our back.

I grew up thinking that you have to break your back to make a dollar. And while living out your purpose and fulfilling your passion is not easy (newsflash: Life is hard sometimes, regardless of whether you have a spiritual practice), there comes a point in which you reach a flow. You start to notice things just flowing to you. Because of your faith and because of your commitment to listen to you inner soul sister (or brother) and follow its guidance, you will be led to opportunities that are far better than anything you could have conceived on your own. You will be in complete partnership with the Universe at these times. You will welcome the help instead of trying to do things on your own. You will work with the flow of the Universe’s support instead of fighting it and thinking your way is better.

How is your life flowing? Where do you feel stuck and off-center? Is there a part of your life that you feel should be flowing but you’re just pushing, trying, and controlling too much?

Get really honest with yourself. Honesty is power because you have the opportunity to become the witness – the non-judgemental mentor – to yourself. When I screw something up, I don’t beat myself up. I talk to myself like I talk to one of my soul sister clients . “You definitely could have handled that one better. Let’s try again next time.” That is living in the flow. That is witnessing when you’re not following your inner soul sister (or brother), and that gives you the power to ask the Universe to help you make a better choice next time.


Living in the flow doesn’t mean that things go smoothly for you all the time. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Living in the flow means you welcome everything that comes your way as an assignment for you to get to know yourself better.  Living in the flow means you welcome every situation and relationship as an opportunity for you to grow and jam with your inner soul sister. A teacher says, “What can I learn?” A students says, “Why did this happen to me?”

If you feel like your life could use more flow, all you have to do is tap into it and make a commitment to use your life as an opportunity to practice it. Every moment is an opportunity to practice. The Universe is waiting for your call. Do this meditation today. You have 4 minutes! Just breathe deeply, relax, listen, and let love flow.

Stay lovely,

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