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Let Life Happen

Posted May 06 2013 2:46pm

Let Life Happen

by Alyssa on May 6, 2013

I set out for my Bikini Series run wearing my new Ellie capris. I’ve almost been living in them this past week. They are very stretchy and not too hot for summer workouts. We all know the types of capris and yoga pants I am referring to. icon wink Let Life Happen You can even save 20% on Ellie if you click the link below and signup!

Save 20% on Ellie!  Let Life Happen 61f8cefeb66f11e2873222000a1f9e77 7 Let Life Happen

Now onto the real point of this post. As I said, I set out for a run, but the run didn’t happen. A walk did. As soon as I started running up the street away from my house for a 40 minute cardio session, the outer arch of my right food ached every time it hit the ground. I’m not very unfamiliar with running injuries if you’ve been following me since my half marathons , so I stopped running and decided to go for a walk instead.

I’m ruling the ache in my foot to be caused from a 5 miler I completed yesterday afternoon. That was the longest run I’ve done in awhile, so I may have been running to fast too soon, leading to today’s issue.

I was stressing all morning over what to do to get myself ahead in my career so I desperately needed to clear my head and get outside (with all of the pollen). Geez are allergies horrible this year!

This always helps me to think of one saying in particular.

il 570xN.257846462 Let Life Happen

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes it’s for the better. Most of the time, it’s for the better. A year ago, I was so comfortable with the unknown and letting life take me where I was going, rather than trying to force life to happen. This is when everything just comes together. Miracles happen.

Now, since I quit my full-time job , it’s been more difficult for me to let life come to me. Instead, I keep forcing it, trying to get ahead quicker. Trying to do everything before a certain age. That’s when life happens.

Before we know it I’ll be wishing I was 24 again, full of confidence and belief in myself, pursuing my passion. The starting points may be the slowest and most difficult parts, but they are also the best. They are what mold us and allow us to learn more about ourselves.

b7795b78b66f11e2b15c22000a9e06ef 7 Let Life Happen

The last 2 months I have learned my weaknesses and my strengths as a person. The weaknesses are the ones we refuse to see or work on most often during our lives. I have found my weaknesses and I am aware of my work on them every single day.

I remember during my last year of college I was so anxious to graduate and get a full-time job. I had three months of unemployment. The whole summer. Did I enjoy it? No. I was planning for the future. I was worrying. I was focusing on everything but the present moment.

Now I am bringing myself back to this. Enjoy today. Forget yesterday. Look forward to what the universe has planned for you tomorrow.

photo e1367862695963 Let Life Happen


View of the mountains on my walk. Pic doesn’t do them justice.

What helps you to come back to the present moment?


 Let Life Happen
pixel Let Life Happen
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