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Let kids know Hunger .

Posted Feb 20 2012 12:00am
I have seen many parents telling kids ok if you don't want to eat  khaana,have some Maggie at-least ! Why are moms so scared of letting their kids go hungry ?Meal times with kids can be tussle time with moms.One thing that has worked for me is not to obsess over meal times . If the kid is not showing interest in food :
  • he may have already eaten (check the cookie jar and chocolate bar )
  • he may be about to fall ill
  • he may be wired about something (especially true for older kids)
  • So wheedling,shouting and forcing them to eat only wears you out! Haven't we all been in that unhappy place? They will make face at the sabzi and make snide remarks about the soup .Faced with this ,I find it is better to let the meal go uneaten. Only rule is you can't eat anything else in lieu of dinner . And mostly I am right .Eight out of ten times they are coming down with flu or upset tummy next morning and that is why could not stomach the loving thali. But being kids they can not tell you this.You have to learn to read the signals.And sometimes having no appetite is the body's self -regulating mechanism.Not a call for pressing panic buttons.
    If they are not falling sick,just wired or not hungry ,remember skipping a meal will not kill them.It is perfectly OK to eat only when you  really feel hungry and not because it is lunch time.Send them out to play or take them for a long walk .In the long run this lesson will stay with them and help them become cued to the body's appetite signals.As I am not majorly into cooking and laying out beautiful meals,I swear by Hunger is  the best sauce method :) It always works.
    When hunger bids
    That's the time to eat kids
    How Much : as guided by the Stomach What : what you want divided by what Mom wants :)
             What is your way of creating Happy Meal Times ?
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