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Let’s Talk Hydration

Posted Mar 22 2011 2:06pm

Over the past few months, I’ve been able to get away without hydrating on my runs. During the colder months, I barely sweat at all and it’s not really a problem for me, but when it’s warm (over 70*), I sweat like I have a fur coat.

When you run, you sweat right?

Well, the more you sweat, the more your blood volume decreases. To take this one step further, the more your blood volume decreases, the harder your heart has to work to deliver oxygen to your working muscles.

That is not good when you are trying to run.

When it comes to hydrating on the run, I follow one simple rule: Drink according to thirst. It hasn’t failed me yet!

I’m not smart enough to track ounces per minute or quarts per hour. The last math class I took was about 2 years ago, so I’m a little rusty in that department. Plus, I feel like over-analyzing something as simple as drinking water is a surefire way to becoming insane.

Trust me, it’s not science.

How to Hydrate While Running

1. Pre-Run Hydration: I drink water like a fish (that is why I pee about 40 times a day), but I make sure to drink extra water before longer runs, just to make sure my body is well hydrated before I even start.

2. Run On A Treadmill (Sometimes): As boring as the treadmill can be, they do come in handy on those extremely hot days. During the summer months, I probably do about half on runs on the treadmill because it just gets so hot and humid down here. On those days that it’s over 80* before I even wake up, running in the A/C always wins. Plus, you have your water bottle on hand and can easily stop to hydrate.

3. Carry Your Bottle: Find a good reusable, easy to carry water bottle. Nathan Quick Draw Elite Hand Bottle - 0.5 L

I use a  Nathan QuickDraw . I love this thing.

Running with a handheld can be an arm workout, but it has been my saving grace.

4. Stash Your Water: If you have some extra time the night before or the morning of, take some time to stash a few water bottles at various points. When I do a long run, I normally do a loop, so I like to stash a water bottle to drink out of every few miles.

Do you have any hydration tips?

Let’s hear them!

*Disclaimer: All tips are my own personal opinions and not medically backed. Please seek medical advice before starting any running program.*


 In my mind, there is nothing more satisfying than having a double-digit run under your belt before most people even roll out of bed.

Call me crazy, but I love that feeling.

Tuesday Workout

Running: 10.11 miles

Cycling: 45 minutes this afternoon (has not happened yet, but it will)

It was pretty hot and humid this morning (which sparked me to write this post), but it wasn’t really that hard to adjust. I’ve been running in the South for so long that it just feels like second nature to me. On the other hand, when we get a cold front, I am the first one to wave the white flag.

I have an easy ride planned for the afternoon. I am working on a 30 page case study that’s due Thursday (I haven’t started yet), so I’m going to need a break to refresh my mind. I can’t focus for hours upon hours at a time, so I’m definitely going to need something to break up the monotony.

Well, I better get to work!

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