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Let’s Release – Not Judge

Posted Aug 23 2012 7:48am

Whether we like to admit it or not – we judge people all the time.  I know that those of us with good hearts (or even half good hearts) would love to think we don’t but – we do – even if it’s without blatant malice.  It could be a fleeting thought that what someone is wearing we consider to be unflattering.  That the way someone pronounces a word is not quite right.  The old she shouldn’t be eating that…

But there are times when there’s no doubting that our own judgement of others or what we hear and see is more overt.  And after having recently seen it in action with my own eyes and ears I’m beginning to think that our fear of being judged, or scrutinised, or criticised, could in fact be one of the major things that hold us back in doing what we truly want to do.

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The example I saw was of professional judgement in an environment I felt should have been ‘safe’ for everyone present.  I won’t bore you with the full deets but let’s just say it was a classic case of someone with a certain qualification judging someone … Read the rest

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