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Let’s go on a FUN RUN!

Posted Feb 04 2013 4:53pm

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Hi POPsters!!!

By now you should have all tried the HIITilates series ( watch videos here ), but here is a printable for you to take with you to the gym in case you don’t have your phone or wifi connection! I’ll make sure you have the whole collection soon!

This weekend I spent some time with another fitness fanatic friend of mine and we had such a fab time working out together! We ran 2 miles down to the beach, did a workout and killed out arms and back, then ran 2 miles back.

You know what made it special though?

It wasn’t just any run. It was a “FUN RUN”.

Do you know what that means?

Here’s how to schedule your own FUN RUN:

1. Grab a friend who has a similar taste in music and runs at or around your pace

2. Create the same playlist. I made one called “Pumped Up Love Songs” and then shared it with my friend on Spotify. Make sure you’re both NOT ON SHUFFLE! Keep it in order.

3. Then stick your headphones in and press play at the same time. It’s like running together, but separately! You can lip sync at the same time!

OK so here’s the cool part.

4. Every time you hear the chorus, you have to stop wherever you are and just dance. Like yeah, just dance on the street. The harder and funnier and geekier you dance, the better. Chorus over? Keep running.

5. If you’re crazy advanced, try dancing AND RUNNING at the same time. (I nearly died because I couldn’t breathe from the ridiculous cardio…and from laughing)

Yup!! So give that a try! I had such a blast and I know you will too! Let me know what songs are def making it on your FUN RUN playlist and take pics!! We felt like iPod commercials because we were going ALL OUT on the streets.

Don’t be scared. No one cares that you’re just dancing randomly. In fact, you may just make their day a little brighter :)

Have a wonderful Monday and start to your week! Love you!

<3 Cassey

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