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Let’s Do Something FUN!

Posted Jan 10 2011 12:00am
Hi all!  Happy Monday!  For once I have all evening to devote to Krista’s Kravings so I think I’ll celebrate by doing a daily recap, old style with a fun give away at the end.  So, let us begin!
Thursday Night/Friday
I left off Thursday night at the hotel that we had just arrived at for DS’s hockey tournament.  I believe DD and my hubby had gone out for some snacks at Tim Horton’s which is why I’ve got a photo of this blueberry bran muffin to show you: IMG_4746 This tamed the hunger beast but it has been some time since I’ve had a muffin from Tim’s and I actually found this to be kinda salty.  Nothing I’d run out to have again, that’s for sure.  Next was a bit of relaxation before lights out. IMG_4745 We were awake at 6am to make it to the rink on time and grabbed breakie at the hotel.  No photo but I ate some French toast and fruit salad.  The boys won the first game 2-0 which gave our whole team a high that lasted all day.  :) IMG_4748 IMG_4749
The boys weren’t allowed to swim in the hotel pool until after their last game Friday (coaches rule), but I did go sit in the steamy area while DD and another sister took a dip.  T’was relaxing.  Before I knew it lunch time was upon us.  A group of us parents took the boys out to Jack Astor’s for lunch.  That place has some cool “art work”! IMG_4759 And all the wait staff had neat quotes on the backs of their shirts.  We had the “classic”: IMG_4760
And my personal fave: IMG_4761 LOL!  I certainly feel like that some days!  The menu had a nice amount of “healthy” food to choose from and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  I order Thai chicken spring rolls which included a salad, Sesame on the side: IMG_4755 IMG_4757 IMG_4758
See the beautiful beet spiral on the salad?  I die.  My hubby is turning over a new leaf this year in regards to his eating as he has high blood pressure and really needs to clean up his eats.  Usually he would order a burger/sandwich and fries, but he went with a shrimp Pad Thai which was delicious: IMG_4756 The second game of the day pulled in our first loss.  Bit of a bummer, but we kinda expected it.   Once the whole team was back at the hotel the boys finally got to have their swim and did they ever enjoy it!  And us ‘rents enjoyed a few adult beverages which we cleverly camouflaged in to-go coffee cups.  :) There was also a team dinner which featured Caesar salad, carrots, lasagna and buns for the adults, mac n cheese and chicken fingers for the kids plus some squares and such for desserts.  IMG_4762
The boys played mini sticks for a few hours while the “big people” socialized.  Most of us turned in early after such a busy day, though!
Breakfast was once again at the hotel.  Might as well take advantage, right?  I left my camera in the room, but shared a waffle with my hubby and ate more fruit.  The game Saturday was at 11:15 so we weren’t in such as rush which was a treat.  This game brought the team their second loss which put us out of the tournament.  In truth, this was OK with me because it meant we got to come home.  Hehe!  Before we left town the 4 of us stopped at Moose Winooski's for some lunch.  We quite enjoy that restaurant and the place smelled SO good when we walked in!  I ordered a veggie wrap with avocado, cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce and feta.  IMG_4767  
It came with a side salad, too. IMG_4766
My hubby went with a cheese quesadilla and salad.  He said it was really, really good. IMG_4765 We sat at a table right in front of a fireplace which made the meal so warm and cozy! IMG_4768
On the way home we decided to stop at a mall that we knew was home to our favourite store, Lululemon .  YAY!!!  I’ve been on the hunt for a new winter coat and scored an awesome one at Lulu, on sale to boot!
  IMG_4771 IMG_4772
Love, love, love.  We made it home safe and sound by 5:30 and instead of ordering out I whipped up a quick pasta dish with a turkey/grated zucchini sauce. IMG_4773 We spent the evening chilling on the couch and hit the sack EARLY.  My bed was like a piece of heaven.  Nothing makes you appreciate your own bed until you’re out of it for a few days, right?!
We were on the go most of the day, but in a good way.  DS had soccer practice from 9:30-10:30 and then we went to Cora’s for a dynamite brunch with a few folks from the team.  I ordered a raspberry & cream cheese filled crepe which was pretty much the most amazing thing I eaten in a while! IMG_4777 Isn’t it a beaut?  My hubby also ordered a crepe which was filled with fresh fruit and custard.  This thing was massive! IMG_4776
He couldn’t finish this beast.  LOL  We dropped the kids off at home afterwards and made our way over to Costco for some supplies.  And on Kristie’s tip, I searched out a box of these little darlings: IMG_4778 Nom, nom….And another treat I just could not leave at the store was this box of hot chocolate: IMG_4779 Can’t wait to try these flavours out.  We got home, packed our skating stuff and hauled the kids to one of DS’s teammates place for a skate on the river that runs behind their house.   Two things you may not know about me is that I can’t really skate and I’m petrified of being on an ice surface that has running water underneath.   I pulled both off, with class, I might add!  :)  I was a little apprehensive when I got there and saw this: IMG_4782 Um, yeah….running water where I’m to skate?  I pushed my fear aside and let my hubby lace me up: IMG_4783
I was still a tad nervous, IMG_4784
But once I saw how beautiful it was, and that the ice was in fact really thick, I began to relax and enjoy myself. IMG_4781 IMG_4786
Seriously.  I die!  And you just know that a hockey game broke out, right?  Not including me!  I skated around at my own pace until my feet were killing me.  Some pics of DS playing: IMG_4790 IMG_4794 He loves pond hockey!  I had bought some trout and faro at Costco so dinner was a quick one to prepare: baked trout, faro cooked with salsa and mixed veggie’s; IMG_4797 My hubby and I finally got around to watching Date Night.  HILARIOUS!  Great way to finish off the weekend!
Today was back to work.  Yuck!  I haven’t done much else so these are my eats for the day: IMG_4798 IMG_4799 IMG_4800 Oats with honey and almonds, leftover stir fry, chicken, potato and broccoli. 
And before I leave, Nature’s Path was so kind as to send me a huge stack of coupon’s for a dollar off any Nature’s Path or Enviro Kids product.  The expiry date is Feb 28, 2011 and  there’s no way I can get through all of them so I want to share!  Here’s what the deal is.  The first 10 people to leave me a comment doing any one of the 3 following things will get 10 coupon’s to use.  (Canadian and American entries only, please.)
  1. Tell me what your favourite sport is.  It can be one that you participate in or like watching.
  2. Tell me your best joke
  3. Tell me what you like best about my blog
There you go!  The offer will end just as soon as I get those 10 comments!  I will contact you for your info, plus link your blog to mine if you have one.  You DO NOT need a blog to participate, though!
Bye for now!!
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