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Lessons from the Trail: Having the strength to admit when you are weak

Posted Dec 31 2012 7:43pm
Three hours into a steep climb up McCallister Gulch in Colorado on skis, I hit the wall. Not the take a break and eat an energy gel wall, the collapse on your backpack and cry wall. The grade of the snow-covered trail through the pine forest had turned from manageable to severe a half mile ago. No matter how hard my mind willed it, I could not keep going. I slowed, and then slowed even more, until, like a wind up toy running down, I stopped. From behind, I felt my boyfriend’s concerned stare. “I can take your pack,” he said. A strong and experienced backcountry skier, Jean-Francois had offered to take my backpack two other times since the trail turned extreme. He knew I was at my edge — a ski mountaineering newbie whose body was still figuring out how to efficiently skin uphill while bearing weight, and who was, perhaps, blown out of her cardio mind. ...
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