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Lessons From Athletes…..

Posted Jun 06 2010 10:10pm


We can learn a lot from watching sports and reading up about athletes. Not only in the realm of health and fitness but in terms of dedication and determination in life……

Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever. -- Lance Armstrong

Just watching sports is enough to teach us a few good lessons -- When we see the determination on the pitch or field one can start to imagine the hard work and sacrifice that has gone into getting to the top of their sport. Here are some of my favourite athletes I think we can all learn from….

Lance Armstrong

Bouncing Back -- Lance is a legend in the wrold of cycling not only for his back to back “tour de france” victories but also for the deication he has shown throughout his career and personal life boucing back from severe cancer to conquer the cycling world. He has provided inspiration to countless people who have or are suffering from life threatenting illness. Showing that full recovery and that we can always come back and recover from whatever has knocked us down…..

I also love his book   It’s Not About the Bike Which was a true inspiration for me when I first read it a few years back.

David Beckham

Dedication - David Beckham has become more than a sporting icon and is more of a celebrity now days. Many have forgotten what happened in 1998 when he was sent off in the FIFA World Cup in a match against Argentina costing England a place in the last 8 of the tournament. Upon returning to playing for England he was the nations villain -- Booed and ridiculed at every ground receiving terrible abuse from even his own teams fans not to mention what must have been shouted at him on away grounds.

His dedication was breathtaking -- David Beckham’s Father

David was known for his determination and will power throughout his career which eventually won back the hearts of the England fans with inspirational performances for club and country ultimately making him a stronger person and athlete. He was also known for spending hours after training had finished and his colleagues had gone home practicing his trademark free-kicks. As they say Practice Makes Perfect…….

Roger Federer

Modesty -- Roger has always been Compassionate in victory and Gracious in defeat. His modesty has always been evident in spite of being the greatest tennis player of all time and winning a record of Grand Slam titles which is likely not to be surpassed in a very long time if ever.

Simplicity - What is also amazing is that Federer has dominated the sport in an era of stronger and more athletic players. He is one of few who solely spends his time perfecting his game and not in the weight room or doing strenous fitness regimes. He keeps it simple and just focuses on Tennis. This to me shows that looks can be deceiving when it comes to sports the biggest and strongest are not always the best. Skill and natural ability sometimes take their place as does hard work and focusing on one thing……..


Inspire and draw inspiration from others. With all the great sporting events happening this summer like the World Cup, Wimbledon, and The NBA Playoffs there are countless opportunities to watch these athletes in action and draw inspiration from their actions. I would also recommend reading interviews with athletes that inspire you and getting books about them. It is only then we can see the amount of dedication and will power they put into being the best at their sport from a very young age. Draw this inspiration to be the best you can be and hope to inspire others with your actions……

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