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Less than 24hrs until 13.1

Posted Nov 05 2011 2:14pm

   Last week, I couldn’t have been more anxious to, “get this half over with”.  And now that I’m one day out, the nerves are kicking in a little bit. Why am I so nervous?  This isn’t “The Boston.” This isn’t the Olympics.  And I’m sure as hell not going for a world record.  Yet, I’m nervous and I have no reason to be.  Tomorrow’s forecast is 45-52 in the morning with 10-20mph winds.  I have yet to run while it’s cold out. I’ve yet to even run in windy weather! What if I can’t get warmed up?  What if I pull a muscle?  What if the cold air makes it hard for me to breathe?  What if the potential head wind slows me down? What if I have to crap, mid-race?!  I’m trying to push away these doubts and see the race for what it really is: FUN.  But, hitting one’s goal is always a wonderful feeling.
    I suppose the little bit of nervousness is a good thing.  It’s the assurance that one has told his/herself that something is important and this is what drives one to succeed.  Goals are purposeful; whether it be a race, a deadline, or an exam.  It establishes meaning in one’s life and gives one satisfaction.  Even if that satisfaction is merely a running race.  I ran a 10k about a month ago. It was a last minute decision and I had no time goal for myself.  I came into the race with an attitude of nonchalance.  This might have been the reason why I came out far too slow: my first mile was 7:00; (recall that my goal time for 13.1 is 7:00min/mile pace) and had negative splits the whole way- (my last mile was 6:15min/mile pace).  Needless to say, I should have come out far more aggressively. After looking at my splits, I was slightly disappointed. Without a goal, I lacked the drive to race. Had I established a goal, I truly believe I would have been a little happier about the outcome; whether or not I had hit the goal time set for myself.  
  So, even though my race goal is of no REAL significance, it’s the idea that small victories in one area of your life give you happiness, confidence, and drive in ALL areas of life.  I may not hit my goal time, but I know that I trained as much as I was willing to dedicate to training, had fun doing it, and kept myself in healthy shape in the Fall semester of my senior year of college! Not to mention, I’ll be surrounded my friends before, during, and after the race!

Plans pre-race?
I jogged this morning and did strides at my goal pace. Then foam rolled.  I’ll definitely be foam rolling again tonight!  Dinner tonight? I’ll be attending a pasta dinner at a friend’s house with about 15 other people who are running the race tomorrow.  Spaghetti, salad, fruit salad, and plenty of water. (Yay for carb loading!)

Post-race plans:
About six of my girlfriends and I are going to eat a massive breakfast at Causeway Cafe after the race.  I can already taste the banana nut waffles that will undoubtedly be inhaled faster than you can say, “pass the syrup, please!”

I’ll be making Steph Davis’ low sugar Vegan Carrot cake this week.  Check out her recipe and blog  here

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