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Lemon-Honey Baklava

Posted Sep 07 2011 8:52am
Kalimera bloggies!

Have I ever got a treat for you today. Not a treat; the treat.

The Chanel bag of Greek desserts: Baklava

I made it by myself for the first time over the weekend to bring to a girl’s night

where it was paired with dessert wine, laughter, and a summer’s worth of stories

At first I was intimidated by the delicate pastry, but you needn’t be.

If it tears, and oh it will, you just patch the holes up with butter. No harm done!

I used Tessa Kiros’ cookbook  as my guide.

This takes time and preparation, but the result is to die for:

a sweet, buttery dessert with crunchy spiced nuts and flaky pastry

Oh, before we begin, do yourself a favor and don’t chop your nuts by hand.

It took me about fifteen minutes to go from here:

To here:

This is the size I like my pieces to be; small, but still crunchy

The rest is as easy as making a simple syrup

{I used lemon (juice & a peel twist) honey, cinnamon sticks, sugar and water}

and combining your nuts with spices and sugar to layer in between your pastry sheets

The layering process is so buttery/messy/quick that I couldn’t take pictures

Essentially you butter a dish, lay down a piece of pastry, butter it, and repeat

you need to work quickly because the pastry does dry out (keep it covered as you go)

once you have a base (I used 8-10), you add some of your nut mixture

And then repeat for as many layers as you like

I wanted my baklava to be more of a “taste” than a sugar coma

so I kept my layers to two (16-20 sheets total);

When you’re done, you put it oven at 350

wait for half an hour as it bubbles and turns golden

drench it in your syrup

and enjoy

Traditionally baklava is served with a glass of water to help the sugar go down

but I’m a wine girl myself, and ‘too sweet’ isn’t a phrase I ever use ;)

It was perfect with the ice wine that one of my best friends was sweet enough to bring

and then delicious for dessert after my take on a Greek salad for dinner

I’ll have that recipe for you in my next post <3

I just thought this dessert deserved the spotlight

(if only to justify how long I spent chopping those stubborn almonds)


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