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Learning To Cook

Posted Jul 22 2010 6:25pm

It is almost the weekend! It is so close that I can smell it :) For once, it actually feels like it is actually going to be the weekend because I DON’T HAVE TO WORK SATURDAY. That is probably like the first time this has happened all month! Man oh man I can’t wait…

I had a very boring recovery run this morning…

Time: 1:10:10

Distance: 8.79 miles

Average Pace: 7:58 per mile

I’m not going to go too in depth about this run because it was pretty run of the mill. I just wanted to get in some easy miles to help my body recover and to shake out my legs. In terms of recovery, I feel like it’s better to have an easy run than to take a complete day off. Getting the blood flowing is essential to keep your body from tightening up and getting sore.

One thing to note is the heat. It has seriously been horrible here lately. Today we had a “heat advisory” warning because the heat index was creeping towards 110*. Yeah, that’s not fun to run in. Luckily I get out there pretty early, but it is still pretty damn hot out. Hopefully things will start cooling off in a month or so once September hits.

How is the heat where you are?

After work today, I went to my free personal training assessment that is provided by the school. As a University Recreation employee, I actually receive free personal training. How cool is that? I had an appointment today with the head trainer (my boss got me the appointment) and we had an initial consultation. He asked me a few questions about my health, running, and goals.

Basically, my goal is to get stronger. He actually works with the cross country team, so he pretty much knows exactly what I am looking for and how it will benefit my running. He is working on a routine that is 2-3 days a week and will be scheduled AROUND my running. That is a good deal :) He was a nice guy and very knowledgeable. It was nice to meet a trainer who doesn’t want to turn me into the hulk. He should have a plan written up by next week and we are going to meet again to go over it. Sometimes working for the school has it’s perks ;)

Phew… It’s been a long day… I just got back from a cooking class at Whole Foods! I was hanging out on Twitter this afternoon and the Birmingham Whole Foods tweeted that there was a FREE seafood cooking class tonight. I instantly decided that I was going and canceled my plans to grill out. That can wait until tomorrow ;)


If you have never taken a cooking class, I highly suggest that you do. It was fun, I learned a lot, and we got a free meal ;)

Today was the “School of Fish” where Chef Neil Ravenna did a seafood cooking demonstration. I actually learned quite a bit and I bought some fish to grill tomorrow to put my skills to the test! It was fun to hang out with people who had similar interests and learn from one of the best chefs in the area. I picked up a schedule of the classes and I am going to try and go to one every once and awhile. I seriously love cooking :)

Have you ever been to a cooking class? What did you learn?

Time to relax and watch some Top Chef. Have a good Friday!

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