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Learn How to Build The Habit of Eating Breakfast

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm

Learn How to Build The Habit of Eating Breakfast

You wake up. Kick off the day with a coffee. Then don’t eat until lunch time. For some of you this will sound familiar. Which is a shame because breakfast remains the king of meals.
Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. – Adelle Davis
Why Do You Need Breakfast? Skipping breakfast is one reason you’re skinny. You need calories from the first hour. Other benefits:
  • Maintain Muscle. You’re in a catabolic state when sleeping. Eating breakfast stops muscle breakdown.
  • Avoid Hunger. You’ll be less hungry the rest of the day. Also helpful if you need tolose fat and/or weight.
  • Increase Health. The food you buy at the cafeteria at work/school or in McDonald’s is processed, which is usually unhealthy.
  • Save Money. Preparing breakfast is cheaper than buying breakfast on the road to work/school.
This post will help you build the habit of eating breakfast.
1. Make it Tasty. It’s easier to build the habit of eating breakfast if you eat foods you like. Check out these 7 breakfast recipes that build muscle. Go low carb if eating breakfast makes you sleepy: eggs & veggies.
2. Start Small. If you can force yourself to eat breakfast, do it. However slow progress works better to build habits. Start with a small breakfast, like 2 eggs instead of 6. Increase the meal size every 2 weeks.
3. Eat Less Before Bed. Big meals before bed time will mess with your sleep and make you less hungry on waking up. Avoid snacking in the middle of the night & eat light prior bed time. Example if you go to bed at 11pm:
  • 7pm. Meat, veggies & brown rice.
  • 10pm. Cottage cheese, berries, flax seeds & fish oil.
  • 11pm. Sleep.
  • 7am. Scrambled eggs.
4. Plan. Have the foods ready you need for breakfast. Rearrange your life so you don’t skip breakfast. Cut preparation time in the morning.
  • Groceries. Buy what you need for 7 or 14 days breakfast. Don’t end up skipping breakfast because your fridge is empty.
  • Wake up Earlier. 15mins earlier so you have time to eat breakfast & avoid morning stress. Go to bed earlier so you wake up on time.
  • Prepare. Breakfast, stuff for work/school, clothes, etc. Prepare as much as possible the night before so you can sleep longer.
5. Persist. The best way to build the habit of eating breakfast, is to do it daily. Decide you want to build this habit. Whatever happens you’ll eat breakfast. Stick to your decision. Plan everything so you don’t miss breakfast.
Nausea happens. Drink water, take a shower, come back & try again. Still not hungry: eat it on the road to work/school. Eating healthy & going to sleep on time will take care of persistent nausea’s.
Bonus: The Lazy Man Muscle Building Breakfast. Prepare a protein shake the night before if you have problems waking up early. Keep it in the fridge & drink upon waking up. Ingredients:
  • Whey
  • Kangen Water
  • Rice Milk
  • Steel Rolled Oats

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