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Lean Lifestyle Eating While On Vacation!

Posted Nov 24 2011 1:41am

Once I’m back in Chicago, I am going to do a full post on how to stay on track and rock your lifestyle while on vacation and while ordering at restaurants. It’s a tricky line and figuring out how best to work it while still enjoying yourself and not imposing on others is an art in itself and I can’t wait to write the post! Open-mouthed smile

Here is a sneak peak into some of the amazing eats (that are a part of my lifestyle!) since we’ve been on vacation. It’s all about how you order the food and how big your smile and thank you’s are Winking smile! You can still enjoy delicious food and rock a fitness and nutrition lifestyle conducive to your goals!
Forgive me that it’s almost ALL fish but I LOVE fish, and how can you NOT order fish when it’s literally all the catch of the day since we’re right on the ocean. Yeah… thought you’d forgive me somehow! Smile with tongue out


View from Sea Sea Riders Restaurant where I ate …


Grilled Mahi-mahi & Steamed Broccoli & Zucchini!


DELICIOUS egg white & veggie omelette with a LARGE side of avocado (this picture is especially for all of my wonderful paleo friends out there Winking smile) at Skillets Restaurant!


A stop at Chili’s and my boyfriend got the above (chicken, rice, & beans), while I got…


A salad with grilled shrimp!


Here are our appetizer salads at the Snook Inn – my salad on the left (with lemon, salt & pepper) and my boyfriends’ on the right!


Followed by this amazing seafood sampler (broiled mahi-mahi, grouper, scallops & shrimp) and steamed veggies!


Those salads and meal were eaten with this AMAZZZZZING view. Breathtaking. I can’t get over how beautiful it is, no matter how many times I come down here with him!


Wow. Wow. Wow. Seriously, could it get more beautiful!?


Yep! Helloooo florida sun, sky, clouds, and water. Do I have to go home? Smile with tongue out


And my evenings wouldn’t be complete without my Frozen Hot Chocolate Protein Shakes (not quite as ice-cream-y texture as home, but that’s due to my food processor being too large to lug down here so my portable tiny $15 target-bought blender is doing the job justttt fine! Open-mouthed smile)


Thank goodness for hotels with kitchens…


Stocked with everything I brought! And that fridge is full of prepared fun and a grocery store run as well. Can’t get enough hard boiled eggs & veggies on a vacation trip! Smile

Traveling can be so much fun and SO do-able to stay on track. I LOVE it. Can’t wait to get into a more detailed post for all of you wonderful VBL’ers of mine! Open-mouthed smile


Coffee Talk!

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