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leaky gut- a 2013 epidemic?

Posted Feb 04 2013 4:26pm

One of the more controversial topics among the health community, leaky gut syndrome has been brought to the forefront. Because it’s almost a mystery disease (along with candida and parasites) it’s pretty hard to diagnose, and its symptoms look a lot like other conditions that traditional doctors will recognize.

Basically, leaky gut is an altered intestinal permeability. What almost every doctor-east and west- can agree on: health begins in the gut. This is why the functionality of our digestive systems is so vital to everyday health. But in America, 60 to 70 million people are affected with some type of digestive disease or disorder, and these are just the ones documented. Could it be our inorganic, mineral depleted, GMO laden food supply? Our fears and emotional behaviors? The vast majority of antibiotics that we take that kill all the good bacteria in there? Or all three?

You have a barrier protecting your abdominal wall. When this barrier gets “hurt,” quite literally little holes are made that let toxins seep through and cause rucus. What hurts the digestive barrier?- a sugar-laden nutritionally depleted diet, overuse of antibiotics and hormones, massive stress, and environmental toxins. The leaky gut reacts to external toxins like dairy and gluten and then releases toxic substances into our bloodstream.

Dr. Leo Galland describes symptoms which could be a cause of Leaky Gut..”They include inflammatory and infectious bowel diseases, chronic inflammatory arthritides, cryptogenic skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and dermatitis herpetiformis, many diseases triggered by food allergy or specific food intolerance, including eczema, urticaria, and irritable bowel syndrome, AIDS, chronic fatigue syndromes, chronic hepatitis, chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, and pancreatic carcinoma.”

Are you having bloating, abdominal cramping, or are you not able to lose the belly fat? Do you feel brain fogged, moody, irritable, depressed? Leaky gut could be the culprit..

Leaky gut can also result from another disease- for example if you have gotten a parasitic infection, candida, or any bacterial infection.

Scientists have now also found the link between leaky gut and chronic fatigue as well as depression. Dr. Leo Galland has protocols that can be taken to find out more into your symptoms…but how can you prevent leaky gut?

  1. quit the antibiotics! use nature’s medicine
  2. supplement with probiotics
  3. consider eating a good quality coconut oil…and a lot of it
  4. quit gluten..sugar..and dairy… i’ll help you:)
  5. stop drinking alcohol
  6. maintain an anti-inflammatory diet: rich in healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and wild caught fish

There are certain supplements and ayurvedic herbs that can help “seal” a leaky gut.

I’ve formulated my own special healing, herbal, natural tonic to heal mine. The ingredients are all fresh from a local store in Gainesville, which is why I prefer it to anything else on the market. Vitality Greens from Body Ecology is also wonderful- just super expensive.

The most prominent ingredient in my stomach healing apothecary, slippery elm, is an ayurvedic herb that coats the lining of the throat and digestive tract to prevent invaders from creepin in. Glutamine is also one of the ingredients that acts to heal the mucosal lining of the GI tract. Lots of other goodies in there!

what do you think about this whole ‘leaky gut’ thing? i’d love to hear!

as always, love and light- x

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