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Le Tour, Le Tired

Posted Jul 12 2010 6:23am

First, a very sincere thank you for everyone’s overwhelming support of my tri announcement . Y’all made my day.

On with the show. I’m Disney World tired. I feel like this summer we are cramming as much into the weekends as we can. I am literally am too pooped to move. I skipped my AM workout because I have no energy to muster. Hoping that by this evening I’ll be up and going. Carpooling is also worth sleeping in an extra hour, woo hoo.

Le hardest race. Ever.

The Tour de France is going on now and I truly owe part of my racing ambition to those guys. It was one year ago that I started watching “le Tour” and decided I could find the endurance to do a half marathon. If you haven’t watched the race, find time. Seeing what these cyclists put their bodies through is a level that is unmatched professionally. I don’t think in my entire life I’ll ride 2,000+ miles.

The office le Tour race route : Running from Saturday July 3rd to Sunday July 25th 2010, the 97th Tour de France will be made up of 1 prologue and 20 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,642 kilometres.

Why can't my jersey be more like this!?

Saturday we got in a 3+ hour, 40+ mile bike ride. That sounds pathetic after talking about professional cycling. Long distance on a bike is strikingly different than the long runs I’m accustomed to tackling. Andrew pushed me hard and there were hot, flat trail moments where I wanted off the bike. I remembering saying that to myself a few times. That’s when you know your body is testing its limits. We were the best kind of exhausted after. The trail had parts of an adventure course to it, as a nasty storm blew down trees and riddled the trail with pine cones and straw. We had to hop off and climb over a few. I am still looking around for a nice women’s riding jersey. Boys have it easy, there are dozens of fancy jerseys for them to choose from. I have to pick between something with a big flower and girly crap all over it or an obnoxious color like pastel purple.
Clip-in tip: Ms “unclip a mile before I have to stop” finally learned an easy trick. I unclip one foot and come to a stop, then unclip the other. This way you have a strong position to stop/start and aren’t riding janky trying to get both feet out. I should go ahead and try out for le Tour with all this wisdom.

The best part of waking up....

We spent all of Sunday out on the lake with friends. Skiing, wake surfing, boarding, swimming. Again, tired just thinking about it. I practiced open-water swimming and I actually enjoyed the lake water. It’s different but not half as bad as I was fearing. Still have a long way to go.

I’ll work on posting my triathlon training schedule, which I am still figuring out. I could really use another short week here kids.

Anybody watching le Tour? How about those that got sucked in to The Hills marathon this weekend?

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