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Law Of Attraction & Snake Oil

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:21pm

This post will probably lead some Law Of Attraction marketers to decide to feel defensive.  They may even put me on their “shit list” and try to make my life difficult.  However, I’m going to say it anyway because I think someone needs to do it.  I hope you listen with your whole heart because this is as honest as I can tell it.  In saying this, I’m sticking up for YOU as the consumer and defending a way of life that I’ve come to love very much.  The subject of Law Of Attraction (LOA) is near and dear to my heart because of the beautiful changes I’ve wrought in my own life by using it.  I wouldn’t be teaching it, if I wasn’t absolutely giddy about the results in my own life.

So yes… I am a proponent of Law of Attraction, BUT I do not consider myself to be a “marketer”.  From my point of view, a marketer is a person that most often uses “long copy” to sell their products and promises that if you buy this or that your every desire will be manifested right now or instantly.  I will never be a “marketer” even if that means I make less money at what I do.  I’m a service provider and an educator - not a marketer.  I’m a person who is loyal to my own values and if I won’t buy something because it sounds like bullshit, I don’t expect you to buy it either.  I don’t want to be known as one of those business people that takes advantage of people who desperately want change.  I’ve been there too.

Yes, I specialize in people who desperately want change, but I don’t take advantage of them and I don’t insult their intelligence by expecting them to believe crazy promises.  I don’t sell them things on the basis of statements that aren’t true in the hope that after reading or listening they’ll like my charming wit & personality enough they won’t ask for a refund when their life doesn’t change right now or overnight.

If you study Law Of Attraction, and I hope you do, please come at it with the spirit of personal transformation rather than the expectation of having your life change overnight.  There’s nothing wrong with wanting material things, but realize there are many inner changes you desire as well and it’s those inner changes that pave the way to outer changes.  Be aware that your inner landscape is what determines the terrain on your outer landscape.  If your inner landscape doesn’t have a Mercedes in the driveway today, you won’t find it outside either.  As within, so without.

It takes time to honestly clean up your thoughts and raise your vibration long-term.  It generally takes longer than a momentary improvement to start magnetizing your good.  You can feel better right now and raise your vibration right now, but it’s a long-term commitment to feeling good right now that’s going prepare the way for your good.  Even pizza takes time to arrive.

You can magnetize a great new job or self-employment idea by cleaning up your thoughts today, but cleaning up your thoughts is a process and an ongoing effort, so you’re probably not going to see results overnight.

You can attract your perfect mate by cleaning up your thoughts today, but again… cleaning up your thoughts is a process and an ongoing effort, so you’re probably not going to see results overnight.

Your body can be rebuilt on the blueprint of your healthier thoughts from today forward and you may see diseases like cancer, etc. resolve, but unless something truly extraordinary happens, it’s probably not going to happen overnight.  Our bodies take 7 years to rebuild and are always in some state of rebuilding since it doesn’t all happen at once.  Negative thoughts can kill cells or severely hamper their activity.  There is a great section on this in the movie “What The Bleep Do We Know?”  It’ll make you want to change those ungenerous thoughts you think about your tummy or your ass or your nose or whatever body part you like to pick on.

You can clean up your thoughts about money and possessions, but as above, it’s an ongoing process.  You can’t clean up overnight, so it’s pretty unlikely you’ll wake up to find a Mercedes, Rolls Royce, or Hummer (or whatever other car you’re trying to magnetize) in your driveway.

But I’ll tell you what DOES work instantly (and this is what those other marketers capitalize on).  If you apply what you learn about Law Of Attraction to your situation and life RIGHT NOW, you will feel better within seconds.  You will feel better and more hopeful every time you apply it.  The “secret” is to be mindful enough after you learn it to diligently apply it more days than not.  That’s what it takes to turn your life around.  You get rid of negativity.  You kick beliefs that don’t serve you to the curb.  You teach yourself new habits of thinking (belief).  And you spend as many of your right now moments as possible feeling great.  Along the way, you will see incredible changes in your life.  The world will become a much more hospitable place.  Your moments will be more happy than sad.  You will feel better and younger than you have in years.  You will achieve more, succeed more, see more possibility in the world.  You’ll have better relationships, more fulfilling work, and yes… more money and more material things.  But it’s a PROCESS, not an overnight happening.  Saying it’s going to happen right now, “Guaranteed!” is a lie and anyone who tells you this lie is a marketer who cares more for the depth of his own pockets than he does for your development.  Guaranteed!

It’s this BS kind of marketing that gives LOA it’s snake oil reputation.  People hear the hype and get scared off because it triggers their “too good to be true” reflex.  Don’t let the marketers deter you from exploring Law of Attraction and related sciences that could bring wonderful changes into your life, but look at your goals for it, investigate what you’re thinking of buying, and even try to talk to the author and see if it’s in line with your goals.  There is plenty of good that will come to you from your study and the outside of your life will transform as you transform yourself on the inside.

If you are interested in my Break Out Of Negativity program, which is coming out November 1st, you can contact me at cynthia[at] to get on the list.  If you would like a list of recommended reading, you are welcome to write me at any time.  I am never unreachable unless it’s the middle of the night and I’m sleeping, but even then I’ll get right back with you upon waking.  You can even text me at 408-310-0027, but please include your email in the text since some answers may be too long to answer in a text message.  I’m totally happy to share with you the wonderful books I’ve learned from.  It’s no “secret” ;).

So be well, my friend.  Get out there in the world and learn, but be careful.  These marketers might have a great product behind the hype or perhaps as good as any other, but don’t buy their product based on the bullshit promises that capitalize on your personal desire for a better life.  Buy because you think their book or their program has something to offer you that you’d like to learn.  Buy because their unique voice explains it in a way that makes things clear to you.

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