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Laugh and Play your way to Health

Posted Oct 01 2009 10:03pm

Play your way to health! When was the last time you laughed – the kind of laugh that makes your stomach sore and your cheeks ache?

I had a good laugh yesterday, and the day before, too.  I seek out laughter as much as I seek out play. The two go hand in hand, so in looking for one, I find the other.

Scientific research has shown a correlation between laughter and health, but this one is a no-brainer.  I know I feel better when I laugh, both physically and emotionally.

When I was first struck with agonizing pain, I let laughter and play leave my life.  I was serious and dedicated to solving my health problem.  Laughter and play were frivolous, useless things that only people who were free of pain could afford.  My focus was entirely on my rotten luck, the terribleness of my situation, and my panic.

It took me several months to realize my victim stance was harming me instead of helping me.  Seeing myself as the victim made it true, and then I felt powerless.  I decided to stop being powerless, and so I became powerful.  Sound too simple?  It’s not.

I decided to become healthy by listening to my body and learning how my mind and body work together.  Never underestimate the power of intention!  As soon as I started listening to my body, I could hear all kinds of wisdom.  I felt compelled to find ways to play and laugh again, and realized that I’d had it backwards – I didn’t need to wait until I was healthy to have fun; I needed to have fun to create health.

Humor and play make life worth living.  What are you waiting for?  Find a way to play today, find something to laugh about, and share your story in the comments area below.   Decide what you’re going to create in your life.  Tell us about it!

It’s time to change the cultural belief that work comes first.  Play makes you laugh, laughing makes you feel good, and feeling good makes you do everything with presence, awareness, and love.  Now that’s the way to make the world a better place!

Here’s my playlist for today:

An intensely fun hour of hilarious talk with four great friends.
A ten-minute reading break over lunch.
A Mozart backdrop to my writing time.
A date with my husband.

Tomorrow, I’m taking my monthly play day.  That’s right – an entire DAY of play.  I no longer wait until I’m sick to take sick days, because sick days are no fun.  Now I take play days.  Which, come to think of it, has drastically reduced the number of sick days!  I’ve never been healthier in my entire life.  I used to have some kind of illness every couple of months – flus, bronchitis, sinus infections, etc.  In my journey to learn how to hear my body’s wisdom, this is the final piece of the puzzle.  When my body wants to relax, to play, and to hang loose, I listen.  I no longer constantly override its messages and put off playtime.

Here’s my playlist for my play day tomorrow:

A massage.  (Heaven!)
A leisurely swim.
My favorite TV show. (Bones!)
A pile of good books.
Snuggles with my dog.
A nap.

What’s on your playlist today?

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