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Last Week was a TOTAL Write Off (and The Sox Box Giveaway Winners)!

Posted Feb 11 2013 9:13pm
Hello Lovelies.

Sorry I haven't posted in a week, the last 7 days have pretty much been a total write off as far as my diet and workouts have been concerned.  Monday at work is when it all started, I had about an hour to go before the end of my work day.... I stood up to talk to my class and thats when a sudden wave of nausea hit me and I had to run out of class to the washroom... I'll spare you the details. I barely made it through the rest of the day.

I went home, curled up on the couch took some vitamin C, drank tons of liquids and pretty much spent the rest of the week on the couch. I attempted to go to work Tuesday however, I thought I may have just eaten something that upset my stomach (this happens frequently), I ended up feeling equally sick on Tuesday,  my stomach was a mess and for some reason I was dead tired, I mean absolutely exhausted even though I was getting enough I decided to take the next two days off work, rest and recover. The one thing that really brightened my day was that I received a little treat in the mail from Vitamin Water, it was six samples of Vitamin Water Zero's new flavours! Along with the samples was a really cute reusable tote/grocery bag. It definitely made my day, so big thanks to Vitamin Water Zero!

My diet was not very good since I wasn't eating as much as usual because I didn't want to eat anything that would upset my tummy or that would go right through me (sorry if that was TMI lol), so I stayed away from my usual veggies and fruits or anything will fiber. On Saturday I had more energy, my stomach was feeling better (not 100% but pretty close) so I decided to hit the gym. I made it through a 2 mile treadmill run before I started feeling rough again, so I listen to my body.... I stopped running and then went on the bike for another 20 minutes. Better than nothing!

I was happy to be feeling better by Saturday because Dan and I and some friends had tickets to the Tragically Hip Concert (a classic Canadian band for those of you who don't know them, check them out), I had seen them before but it was Dan's first time seeing them live so he was pretty excited. Before the concert we went for dinner at a local Italian restuarant called Avanti Trattoria, I ordered the gnocchi... yes its true I ate gluten.... honestly after being sick all week and not being able to eat I HAD to put some serious carbs in my body, and it was delicious and I don't feel guilty at all! Well maybe a little since I barely workout this past week!

some post concert Guinness and wine!
Now that I am feeling better I will back to my regular gym routine, I started today off with a nice 4 mile run and I should have one or two new healthy recipes for you all so stay tuned!

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for the WINNERS OF MY SOX BOX GIVEAWAY! Congratulations to entry #384 Debra Kack and #470 Anna Sherwood, congrats ladies! Please contact me within 48 hours to claim your prize!

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