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Lasik and Cataract Vision Correction in Orange County

Posted Jun 23 2011 5:21am
Laser Eye Surgeon Orange County  
I have always been concerned with healthy vision as my family has a history of blurry vision and glaucoma. As a teenager I had always needed corrective lenses which became a hassle and at times was uncomfortable. I then began started wearing contacts in my early adult years for ease. Even then, I was so busy at times I would rush to place my contacts in and it became difficult to keep them clean and they often dried out my eyes. On a few TV specials I had seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson receive Lasik Surgery. I decided to look into this type of vision correction treatment more locally in Orange County. A friend had told me that with a Laser Eye Surgeon Orange County residents received clear vision and the best part was that it was hassle-free and results were permanent. It seems that with Lasik Surgery Orange County patients have opted for easy vision correction that has made daily life easier by eliminating the need for corrective or contact lenses. In the long run it has also saved them time and money that could have been spent on vision correction alternatives. I was really surprised with the results that Lasik provided, however, I was still curious about the price. I was pleased to find out that a procedure could cost the same amount as a used car and many offices provided financing options making it more convenient to receive the procedure.

In Orange County Cataract Surgery procedures were often performed in patients who have cloudy lenses that need replacement for clear vision. A cataract refers to the clear lens in the eye that becomes clouded, which causes an interference with the passage of light into the eye, impairing vision. For patients with a Cataract Orange County has many excellent cataract surgeons to perform a replacement procedure successfully and effectively. In many cases, out of town patients also travel to Orange County to receive the surgery and receive treatment from renowned cataract surgeons. There are multiple types of cataract lenses that may be implanted to replace cloudy cataracts, however, which type of lens to be used will be mainly decided by a cataract surgeon as they will know which type will work best for a patient’s cataract needs.
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