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Laser Cellulite Treatment - Ensure Lasting Results

Posted Nov 26 2012 8:10am

Laser cellulite treatment has proved to be a very effective way to reduce cellulite. It is a safe treatment for cellulite reduction and long lasting results are offered. It is a good way to eliminate the depressing deposits of “cottage cheese.” Though there are various treatment options for dealing with Cellulite, Cellulaze has proven to be the best of all. This treatment has been introduced by Cynosure and has received approval from the FDA. There are many benefits that are associated with Cellulaze cellulite treatment.

Here is how the procedure is carried out.

  • Small incisions would be made in the specific area of treatment.
  • The surgeon would administer local anesthesia or numbing solution beneath the epidermis. Since the surgeon uses local anesthesia, the patient would remain wide awake during this procedure.
  • A small cannula carrying the Cellulaze laser fiber is inserted into the skin.
  • The laser energy delivered would break the deposits of fat that cause the cottage cheese effect, and would improve the appearance of the skin surface. It would also thermally subscise the fibrous septae that pull down the skin causing the dimpling effect. Skin tightening is also achieved simultaneously.
  • The procedure would be completed in not more than 1.5 hours.
Benefits of Laser Cellulite Treatment
  • The procedure improves the elasticity of the skin by 29 percent and thickness of the skin by 25 percent.
  • Only a single procedure is required for getting the desired outcomes. The results would last for at least a year.
  • Hot spots and over-treatment are prevented by the ThermaGuide intelligent delivery system.
  • Cellulaze treatment is a wide awake procedure, and an outpatient procedure.
  • There is minimal bruising, discomfort or pain.
  • 93 percent of the patients are very satisfied with the outcomes of this laser cellulite treatment.
  • If one takes suitable care, then the scars would hardly be visible.
  • Normal activities can be resumed within a couple of days.
  • The surgery can be performed in combination with liposuction so that a beautiful figure is achieved.

The best results can be enjoyed by women who are not very overweight and have a moderate growth of cellulite.

In conclusion, we can say that Cellulaze treatment is definitely worth the money. However, a qualified plastic surgeon should be chosen for performing this procedure. He must have adequate experience in providing this procedure and must be able to answer all the concerns of the patients.

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